Watch: Powerful Vaccines PSA From Rabbanim Of 5 Towns And Far Rockaway

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  1. This video is a bit too late. The latest facts refute some of the points. Although the vaccine saves lives in people over 50 or with medical conditions and there is a strong argument to take it their pertsonal decision does not effect others. And what Darchei did in forcing ALL teachers to be vaccinated IS NOT BASED ON SCIENCE for 2 reasons:

    Latest fact: The country with the most covid positive cases per capita IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is Israel, one of the most vaccinated country. So don’t tell people that covid spreads more because of the unvaccinated.

    Latest fact: People who are had covid are 13 times less likely to get covid than vaccinated people who did not have coved and for hospitalization and death the protection is even greater. So to require people who had Covid, to take the vaccine is cruel and immoral.

    • I too saw that study (from Israel, involving thousands of subjects) that “Recovered and unvaccinated” is 13 times less likely to become (re)infected than just vaccinated. (Except for the very weak and/or immunosuppressed.)

      Indeed i find one thing very strange:
      They issue statistics for almost EVERYTHING about covid-19; By age, ethnicity, zip-codes, income-levels, political affiliation, etc.
      But there’s one statistic i can’t find anywhere in America. And it’s something that actually pertains to tens of millions of Americans!! And that is…. what is the rate of reinfection for those that recovered and were not vaccinated??

      Indeed, in israel those that had covid are treated similarly to those that vaccinated.

      I wonder who is responsible for this glaring omission?

      • p.s.
        Every study/trial of Hydroxychloroquine that resulted in failure has either omitted the absolutely necessary Zinc, or has been conducted during late-stage illness. Or both errors.
        This can be easily seen/verified online.

        And every study/trial that has been conducted correctly, has had amazingly impressive results.

  2. How can you say that 14000 verified deaths from the vaccine in the US is safe?
    Even if that is safe, at least tell people there is a risk. Dont outright lie.

  3. The black and white is eerie and creepy. Made me ignore the message as it was fear mongering and didn’t make me think “this is coming from Rabbis” so I’ll listen

  4. These guys on the video should have discussed it with Dr. Zelenko before announcing false and dangerous information. It’s not too late. They should immediately go to this doctor, the angel, and then retract what they said asap before more Jews will die or live with lifelong injuries.

  5. This is greatly disturbing that these respected rabbis are bowing down to a Gentile government and their one-sided propaganda science, thereby sending Jewish people, including children, directly into harm’s way, and even death – 14,000 confirmed deaths and 18,000 verified permanent disabilities from these needles (as of Aug 20, 2021). Is it not a rabbi’s responsibility to look at ALL sides of an issue before he draws a conclusion and issues a public message? Will these rabbis who promote these lethal experimental shots compensate the thousands who are dead, harmed and seriously disabled from these injections? Will they help to cover the future medical expenses and lost livelihood of those injured because they followed the rabbi’s word? It is clear that we must seek Hashem ourselves, because we cannot depend on these spiritual leaders who follow the edicts of Mizraim. May G-d help us all!

  6. For many people taking the vaccine is the right thing to do. For someone who had covid already, that cannot be said. There is no longer a justification to take the risks, as the benefits of natural immunity far outway that of the vaccines. As we now know, the vaccines wane somewhere between 5-8 months. Natural immunity does not.

  7. We are each responsible to do our own research, because one day we will all give an account before Hashem.
    May Hashem protect the children.

  8. Shocked. There have been so many deaths from this shot, so many miscarriages, so many brain damages, so many deformities, so many heart issues; yes on people without any prior issues. Do your research and you will sing a totally different tune.

  9. MATZAV is becoming an arm of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. Anything I write that doesn’t conform to the MATZAV agenda is banned and is not published. Shame on you Matzav.

  10. they were given a script and a camera. not one of them did the proper research. just mimicking propaganda “safe and effective”! I remember r David Feinstein not willing to make any psakim on general vac Bec it was ‘beyond his scope’!

  11. This video made me vomit. I shut it off before it was over. And I did not even bother listening to the one that comes out of Lakewood. How is it that all the Rabbonim are just being pulled along with the mainstream media and not doing their own research? Before going out and posting something so terribly wrong, maybe you ought to speak to Dr. Zelenko and others who understand that this is simply a genocide.
    The world thinks we have too many people, they want to limit the amount of people……… because “the planet is overcrowded”…………….so this is a simple way. (and Bill Gates makes a lot of money when shots are sold!)
    Are any of you even aware how dangerous is it for a woman to take these shots if she is pregnant??
    Do you know that during the second and third trimester of a pregnancy, all the eggs that the female baby will need for the rest of her life are developed and that the ingredients in these shots limit that ability? Which means, your baby will be born okay, but your baby will not be able to have the ability to bear children when she gets older. And the male fetuses? Who knows what will happen to the male fetus later in life?. This is such simple way to limit the the amount of people in this world.
    Hopefully, Matzav will publish this post even though it is not “tzniusdik” enough. The word has to get out. No, do NOT take the vaccine. No, do NOT vaccinate your children. No. No. No. Read…………..and you will find out. The problem is………….fake news will never allow the real news to get out…….. What an olum hafuch we live in. It has to be Moshiach’s tzaytin.

    • 10:55, I don’t think that any conventional vaccines cause autism, as I am not an anti-vaxxer. However, this experimental gene treatment can have all kinds of long-term side-effects, ranging from infertility to immune disorders. To establish safety for this gene treatment, it would take decades of honest research and a free-speech culture in the medical research community. All for a disease that you have a practicaly zero chance of serious long-term damage or death if you are fit and healthy younger than 70 year old. So, get fit and loose fat, or take the experimental gene treatment. Which is it for you?!

  12. Andrew, it would be way too soon to know if this vaccine has any affect on autism. A vaccine should be out at least 5 years, with all the known side effects listed BEFORE it is marketed to the public. Right now, if you go into a pharmacy and ask to see that white paper that generally comes along with the vaccine medication, the paper will say “left intentionally blank”. Which means, this drug was not tested enough yet to know. Citizens should not be lab rats, and that is why I am so surprised that a smart nation like Am Yisroel is even pushing this!! It makes zero sense.

    Now here is another thing to consider: Normal menstruation takes place once a month. Why is it that some women and girls that got this shot either stopped menstruating altogether or are menstruating twice a month?
    Dear Brothers and Sisters of Am Yisroel. Think before you push a vaccine! How does menstruation twice a month affect the shalom bayis of a couple??? Do I have to explain further, or, will hameyvin yavin?? Furthermore, how can a woman conceive if there is NO menstruation bichlall due to the fact that she took the vaccine.
    With all due respect to the Rabbonim in this video, what is the matter with you? You pushed your Rebbeim, Moros and staff to get vaccinated? I’d pull my kid out of your school in a flash! Unfortunately, you don’t even realize how much tzoros you are causing your own brothers and sisters with this shtus. Again, do your homework BEFORE you put out such a video to the K’lall. Stop giving in to the left and to Bill Gates genocide agenda. Shame on you.


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