Watch: President Donald Trump Reacts To Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed


President Trump responded to an anonymous op-ed posted in the New York Times Wednesday afternoon during a White House event with U.S. sheriffs. Trump repeatedly slammed the “failing” New York Times and touted his administration’s achievements.


  1. For all the fuss and fury over the Times editorial, here are my takeaways, from the writer’s perspective:
    1) President Trump has implemented several policies that are good for the U.S.
    2) He’s ignorant, simplistic and impulsive about many important issues, but the adults in his administration are aware of this and have provided the necessary guidance and leadership to avoid problems.
    3) He has a great, big, boorish, loud mouth and poor impulse control.

    While items #2 and #3 on the list don’t thrill me, I can live with them, especially when the Democrats present such poor alternatives (Hillary? Biden? Warren? Oh, please).


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