Watch: President Trump Signs $15 Billion Disaster Relief Package


Politico reporter Eliana Johnson discusses the president’s Camp David meeting with Cabinet members.




    • I so agree. Trimp will finish us off. He caused this storm mess and we have to pay for it!!! Get the Mexican people to pay –they have plenty of money and workers. When trimp is done making storms he will start a war and we have to pay for . Impeachment starts this Thursday. Please join me in sending a stamped letter to the president to impeach himself asat.

      • You want President Trump who has not even taken a pay check yet and has donated 1 million dollars to Harvey impeached? Look what your greedy selfish Obama is asking for: OBAMA WANTS $1.1 MILLION FOR 2018 FROM TAXPAYERS!!! $205,700 yearly that ex-presidents get is not enough for this money hungry selfish traitor. HE WANTS AN ADDITIONAL $536,000 FOR OFFICE SPACE ONLY.


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