Watch: Prime Minister Netanyahu Being Menachem Avel the Belzer Rebbe

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  1. PM’s Visit to Belz
    • The PM told the Rebbe that he is due to speak shortly with President Trump. The Rebbe enquired about Iran.
    • Bibi spoke about how hard it was to get up in Congress and speak out against Iran.
    • The Rebbe picked a sefer written by Bibi’s father-in-law and read to the Prime Minister from it. When Bibi if the Rebbe had studied the sefer, the answer was “Many times”.
    • Regarding the current allegations against the PM and his family, the Rebbe said:
    “סיוועט גאר נישט זיין, ווייל סאיז גאר נישט גיווען”
    [“Nothing will happen, because nothing did happen”], and even taught Bibi to say it in Yiddish!


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