Watch: Professor Alan Dershowitz Recites “Ana Hashem” at Hachnosas Sefer Torah Held in His Honor in Crown Heights

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    • He has shown as of late that he is much less of an apikores or non believer than we thought he was; maybe age , maturity and seeing how far the left agenda has gone has woken him up. But one think we cant ignore is what a great advocate he is for yidden; israel in a quiet way sometimes.

  1. Alan said the psukim perfectly without breaking his teeth. He definitely had a Yeshiva education. Can a legitimate kiruv organization get thru to him now that he’s getting older?
    I see power attorney, Ben Brafman, was holding a Torah right behind him.

  2. What exactly did “Yechi” have to do with a hachnosas Sefer Torah, EVEN if their leader would have still been alive?

  3. Chabad, thank you sooooo much for doing this. This, like everything else you, really benefits ALL of Klal Yisroel, not just you.

    • This wasnt arranged by chabad. It was arranged by The Aleph Institute which works on helping yidden in prison and getting them out.
      The fact that it took place in 770 was actually requested by Dershowitz.
      but go on


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