Watch: Protesters Burn Israeli Flag and Chant “Intifada” Outside Democratic National Convention

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After Hillary Clinton was officially nominated as the Democratic Party’s candidate for president at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, supporters of her primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) were filmed burning an Israeli flag outside of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia where the convention is being held.

A woman wearing a black bandanna on her face was seen lighting the flag on fire, and protesters were also filmed chanting “long live the (Palestinian) intifada.” Protesters were also seen waving a Palestinian flag, the Associated Press reported.

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) tweeted that the flag burning was “disgusting and totally reprehensible. These protesters aren’t only wrong, but are fundamentally anti-progressive.”




  1. Bernie’s kvelling.
    Hillary’s cringing.
    And us? B”H we have eyes, ears and brains. We’re watching, listening and thinking.

  2. For the Jews who go along with this is to remember, they kill the ones who are against them first and then they kill the ones who are for them later, Remember a Jew is still a Jew for them or against them. Yes in the USA, Israel, Europe, etc., etc. eventually they will know who is who and blending in will not work.

    • These protesters are protesting the pro-Israel policies of the Democratic Party and of its candidate. Nobody did this in Cleveland!

  3. Are these people pro or anti democrocy?
    Pro or anti toeivah lifestyle?
    Let’s see a pride parade in hamastan. Saudi Arabia like the times loves.
    Double standard

  4. Scary. I do not think you can say that in any sense this is the DNC’s position. Clearly if this is the Bernie supporter, he was ready to attack Israel all the time. Bernie the unorthodox did not support our faith in G-d.

    Still, we can do two things with this display.
    1. We can be very concerned. The hate is constant.
    2. We can be thoughtfully inclined to see how the enemy has chosen the Democrats to attack in the press and public with this display. One might consider that the enemy thinks that the Democrats are vulnerable to the hate of Israel and clearly in the case it did not get reported to have occurred outside the RNC convention, one wonders if the hate of Israel is trying to challenge our human liberties by appearing in front of the Democratic Convention by the sake that they think that hate-sympathy will find them with more power.

    Would really like to see how this will be addressed and Ms. Clinton’s position will be very carefully scrutinized and studied.

  5. To 9:46 commenter – your personal attack is out of order, on various levels, al pi Torah and otherwise.

    You can make a point without mentioning a person by name.

  6. It looks like a relatively small number of extreme leftists and Arabs/Muslims trying to make a lot of noise.

  7. a vote for Hillary is a vote for Palestinians and ISIS – BEWARE

    VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER and defeat the cowards


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