Watch: Boro Park Residents Protest Governor Cuomo’s Unequal and Discriminatory Enforcement of COVID Lockdown Restrictions

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  1. A sad day for klal Yisroel! Is this what became of us? Acting like utter low lives on such a mass scale? We know that our brazeness to flaunt our maskless faces in public is what has caused this. Let’s be respectful and responsible adults, wear masks, get the numbers down, and then we’ll be treated like everyone else.

    Are we as low as some other segments of society?
    ובחוקותיהם לא תלכו!

  2. Oh, how horrible. Such a חילול Hashem. BBLM…. Black Bekkasha Lives Matter. How low have we sunk to be exactly like the other hoodlums rioting and acting like animals in the street and harrassing people?
    This is exactly why Moshiach has not come… because we insist on being noticed and in the public spotlight.
    Let’s just stop… obey the rules and the law, wear masks and social distance and save another Yid’s life, and stop the nonsense. It’s just so childish that you are embarrassing all of us. My heart breaks for the Shechina and the shame you have brought upon Hashem’s name.
    STOP IT. You’re all only making it worse for all of us. So selfish.
    STOP IT.

    • These B’nei Torah Bachurim were ABSOLUTELY NOT, Chas V’Shalom, acting anything even remotely like, L’Havdil B’Elef Havdalos, the severely wicked Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters!!!!!!!!!! The BLM & Antifa slime-bag thugs proudly and brazenly smash store windows and steal from the stores countless items of expensive merchandise and ignite massive fires and burn down the stores and burn down whole buildings and smash down statues of countless major historical people and smash down and turn over cars and throw huge rocks and bricks — at other people — and have OUTRIGHT MURDERED scores and scores of people.

      L’Havdil B’Elef Havdalos, the B’nei Torah Bachurim were gathering — truly peacefully — in the street in front of Shuls and/or Botei Midrashim and chanting some kind of chant to declare their sincere want to do (to enter the Shul & Beis Medrosh) what they are supposed to do!!

      • 621
        peacefully? did you ignore the harrrasment of that guy with the camera? picture if that same thing happened in a goyish neighborhood and the guy with the camera was a frum jew. what would be your reaction?

  3. We are gathering again tonight and Thursday nite to protest. 13 ave 50 St
    Also Friday on 13 ave the city is sending in inspectors to close stores. Bring Trump flags to protest democRATs

  4. in my humble opinion
    this is not behaveour that represents “mamleches kohanim vgoy kadosh”

    this is a massive chillul hashem

  5. Let’s continue to supprt & vote the Democrat tickets!
    *B C D* Biden, Cuomo, & de Blasio! They best serve our needs!

    Isn’t that really what we’re doing?
    How much Jewish money and support went to elect these? All top notch public servants, Right?

    Let’s get our heads together!

  6. Now let the Frum community see that they need to vote Republican and not Democratic! Wake up! If ?Biden gets in we will have more of this! Vote for Trump! Not one Jewish person should vote for Biden or for any Democrats!

  7. WATCH NY Governor Cuomo: “I’m going to close the synagogues.”
    By Pamela Geller – on October 5, 2020


  8. While it is funny to watch we should remember that we are in galus who was behind this machah was there any gedolim or was it just heshy tischler who definitely has good intentions but is promoting things like this which is probably not ration hashem

  9. Everyone still think that democrats have the best interests of Yidden?
    You want to see it get worse?
    Chas vshalom if Biden wins, it will be yidden under the shlita of an anti Sem mayor, an anti-Sem Governor and an anti Sem president!
    Time to face reality and vote for President Trump!

  10. Zu lo haderech! This is what other races do but we are above that! Do they really think this will change Cuomo’s mind? It will get his attention all right but he is probably laughing with his government cronies. This makes us look foolish at best and can breed more anti semitism at worse. There are ways for us to have our voices heard but this is not the way! And if there is no other way then it is time to say bye bye NY and hello Lakewood

  11. A short while ago, I just heard in a Shiur given by Rav Yisroel Reisman, Sh’lita, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, in which Rav Reisman discusses the current G’zeira Ra’a and what should be our response to it. One of the items that he emphatically exclaimed is that we must decide that WE WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT say any Lashon Hara about those people of our communities who are responding to the crises in ways that we may not agree with.

    • potentially someone dying from corona virus vs somebody getting their feelings hurt? you pick which is more severe!

  12. The only way to respond I’d to defy the liberals like Cuomo and Deblasio. The shuls should fill up simchas torah and no press allowed in. Have guards at the doors and only allow Shul members in. Simple.


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