Watch: Public Health Expert Weighs In On Possible Coronavirus Treatments

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Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Vice Dean for Public Health Practice at Johns Hopkins, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss what researchers are looking into domestically and abroad as experimental therapeutic treatments for coronavirus.



  1. Leftist Garbage.

    Just because 1 idiot took fish tank pills, does not mean people should suffer in the name of “Science”.

    I know someone with covid 19 that was hospitalized, but the SCIENTIFIC approach was to WAIT 3 DAYS until they had OFFICIAL possitive test results, before administering Hydroxychlorine.

    All the while this patient almost died.

    There is almost NO DOWNSIDE ! WHAT DO WE HAVE TO LOOSE ?????????

    Just listen to this idiot try to fumble a rationalization for a reason why they should wait [MONTHS].

    Besides, is blatantly obvious that the undertone and overtone is all about trying to mock TRUMP.

    President Trump, we elected you because you have common sense. Please do not let these nitwits stop common sense rational measures TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE STRUGGLING WITH EVERY BREATH.

    • Totally agree! After all, this is from MSNBC Fake News Enemies of the People. “Scientific” flu shots and vaccinations have caused many more deaths and injuries than this year’s flu (corona). President Trump is right about hydroxychlorine which also cures cancer that the CDC will not allow because it will harm Big Pharma financially.

  2. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko treated 350 Cov-19 patients with 100% success using hydroxycholorquinine with Azithromycin that President Trump suggested.

    The Forward writes: On Monday evening, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo released an executive order that effectively ended pharmacists’ ability to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for use in treating Covid-19, and prohibited any experimental use of the drug outside of state-approved clinical trials. ALL BECAUSE IT’S PRESIDENT TRUMP’S SUGGESTION.


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