Watch: Pumpidisa Band Plays for Arab Leaders in Bahrain

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Just 20 kilometers from Saudi Arabia, in Janabiyah, Kingdom of Bahrain, many words of peace and unity are shared between Jews and Arabs at a private meeting.

Here is footage when the Pumpidisa Crew began to warm up the room, consisting of the top influential and wealthy powers in the Arab leadership of this region in the Middle East.




  1. I don’t have keilim!!! What a gevalt!! This is the future of Jewry, the future of the world. No boundaries, break down the walls!!! Let’s get munkatch in iran!!

  2. Silly. Arabs hate us since the days of Ishmael, and their hate is reinforced by the islamonazi cult. No amount of the naive American Jews’ singing and dancing show will change anyone’s mind.


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