Watch: Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar Talks About Giyus Matter: “What Would Trump See?”

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  1. Wow…what was that book he was holding? A list of 40,000 yeshivaleit conscripted to the IDF? Amazing!

    Why doesn’t the Rebbe accept the list? Why is he saying that he isn’t hearing from any Roshei Yeshiva that their boys are being taken?

    Why are Rav Schechter and Rav Kotler so upset by the Rebbe’s statement? Do they believe the list? What information is there that can be so clear to some and so unproven to others?

    I guess we Americans ought to learn our lesson that when it comes to machlokes in Israel, the rules we in America expect to be used are non-existent. We ought to all keep far away from this giyus issue, be it fictitious or even somewhat true. It certainly does not pertain to us and there are plenty of Torah leaders in Israel to decide what to do and how to do it.

    One might even wonder if we don’t have any of our own isues to address here in America. Why forget about what we need to address and get involved in what does not concern us?

    • It would be wise not to comment since you obviously do not understand yiddish very well and you therefore do not comprehend what the Rebbe said.

      • Very impure comment. A jew is not required to know yiddish to learn Torah. His comment indicates he has indeed been studying and wants to grow in Torah.

        I find offense in the higher community defense agent who hates the ba’al teshuvah and anyone yet not in a yeshiva or from a frum family.

        This is why kiruv does not work in hard minds and why our davening is failing. Your job is to address his comment, note if there is a sin and discuss Torah.

        The value of hate for the faith of David is never a messiah. I hope you are stronger than your criticism is unjust.

    • Maybe Matzav has a political agenda here. Please, either put out the entire video, or don’t put anything up. You look very biased.

  2. For those of us who don’t understand yiddish is it possible to translate please, btw where was this, I see R’ M. Kotler & other Litfisheh R”Y (Roshei Yeshivah’s) does anyone know when & where this took place plz

  3. We would do well to listen to Rav Ahron Leib, Rav Chaim, Rav Gershon, Rav Dov Landau, Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsh (migedolei talmidei Rav Ahron ZTL).

  4. Not so pashut,

    How did a person from the previous dor reincarnate to explain things that are happening in this present dor?

    • What I meant to say, is that this chashuva person is an elderly mensch that learnt by many of the roshie yeshivos of the previous dor. He has a very keen insight on their mehalech hamachshava.

  5. Rabbi Teitelbaum is saying that the batay midrashim are full and that there a 40,000 bochurim in yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel. So when people are asked what they complaining about, they have nothing concrete to point to.

  6. what he is saying is equivalent to those at the begining of WWII who denied the slaughter Jews of by pointing to the millions of Jews still living in Eastern Europe .

  7. The Rebbe R. Aharon is a kluggeh Yid.

    People should take heed of his words.

    He is not a fool, unlike some commenters here who think they know everything from 6000 miles away.

  8. For all of those that are skeptical regarding the draft law, and what it actually entails, feel free to read through this thorough pamphlet that includes the areas of the law that are most pertinent. The full law is over 800 pages long, this is a synopsis. This should eliminate a lot of the unknowns when it pertains to the draft law.

  9. In Eretz Yisroel the system is different than it is in the USA.

    It is a parliamentary system.

    Of course there are at times threats to the frum community. Remember what happened just a few years ago with the rise of Lapid and his Shinui party? There were big cuts made for people learning and their families. There were loud cries about gezeiros against the olam haTorah/frum Yidden.

    What happened? Elections were held, the PM needed support of the Yahadus HaTorah party, so the gezeiros were revoked as part of coalition agreements.

    The same thing thing with this issue as well. Just because someone claims that in ten years there will be a big problem, doesn’t mean that it will actually be so.

    Lemayseh, the Rebbe R. Aharon is right.

    I read that R. Avrohom Yeshoshua Soloveitchik is also against the Hapeleg propaganda.

    Of course, those who are totally against the medinah will continue to oppose it. But let us be honest about the facts.

    As MK R. Moshe Gafni recently stated, there has been no better time in the medina than now in Eretz Yisroel. Tens of thousands are learning there, many more than attended the recent demonstration by one Satmar faction. Gafni is a true insider, unlike commenters that sit here and claim that title.

    • Of course its our biggest hope that this gezeirah will be revoked in the next election. But as of right now, in 6 years the program giving yeshiva bochurim defferments from military service ends. Nobody disputes that.Will it be canceled before that, I hope it will. But saying that right now there is no gezeiras giyus is just pure ignorance.


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