Watch: R’ Chaim Declines To Give Police Chief Candidate A Brocha Because He’s Not A Cohen

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Israel is currently looking to replace the current police chief as his term is about to expire.

One of the candidates, police officer David Bitton, went to Harav Hagaon Rabbi Kanievsky for a brocha to be appointed the next police chief.

Watch the video to see Bitton make his rerquest. Instead of offering a brocha, R’ Chaim  asks Bitton if he is a Cohen. He did not answer the question, but just told the Rav that his name was David Bitton.

Yesterday, Motti Cohen was appointed temporary police chief.




  1. It seems as if R’ Chaim was misunderstood at first and was asking if his last name was Cohen. When the gabbai figured it out he pointed out that his name is Bitton, to which R’ Chaim couldn’t give the brocha on winning.

  2. LOL. This is AWESOME. Makes you wonder how anyone on this planet can say anything other then follow the words of the Saar Hatorah.

    Don’t you get it? It is so obvious. Bitton asks for a Bracha to be the next chief. Rav Chaim asks if he is Cohen? He is NOT Cohen so he doesnt get that Brocha. Why? Because his name is not Cohen. The next day Cohen is named chief. Now you understand what happened? Since his name is not Cohen and Rav Chaim understood that Cohen was going to be the next chief, Rav Chaim didn’t give him a Brocha to be chief because he wasn’t going to be chief. Then after prodding by the grandson to give a Brocha, Rav Chaim wishes them ALL Brocha. Meaning he gave them all a general Brocha but did not give Bitton the Brocha he came for.


  3. We are missing details to this story. I think HaRav Kanievsky did not know exactly the reason why this person came to his home. There is some kind of misunderstanding here.

  4. Frum guy
    Read the post
    The punchline is that the one who ended up getting the position (at least temporarily)was a fellow that IS a Kohen. (Motti Cohen)

  5. I think it obvious what happened. Rav Chaim couldn’t care less about any of this and just wants to learn. He is not interested in dealing with him and asks stam if he is a cohen. But his grandchildren are shtupping all types of people infront of him (being a gabbai in bnei brak is worth a lot of money) and wasting his precious time. Kind of wondering what else they are feeding the sar hatorah…..

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