WATCH: Rabbi Avi Fishoff On Living Within Your Means

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  1. The message has some truth to it but the delivery of it was bad. Very condescending negative bad vibes delivery. Why all the hate? Does the speaker believe that he will comfort the otd’s by bashing the ones that have money and actually support them?!

    • The speaker has caused a lot of harm to a lot of families. His approach to what he does has a higher rate of more children going off than those he saves….

      • I’m not sure where you are getting your information- but there isn’t any way for us to know who would or wouldn’t struggle. What we DO know; is that families that are using his mehalach, are overwhelmingly grateful to him and his hadracha. I know many people w this particular niisoyan, and typically, there isn’t a clear path to take, people feel lost, conflicted, and very scared: Scared that their children are in serious danger. This is a pekuach nefesh situation and it is very reckless to be so dismissive of a Derech when those who are using it feel that it has made all the difference.

      • We have been seeing Avi for almost 3 years. We regularly attend his weekly group sessions and we have been privy to the many stories of the many parents that he guides. I don’t know where you got your “higher rate” statistics from but they don’t reflect reality. Your unsubstantiated statement, “The speaker has caused a lot of harm to a lot of families.” is pure Loshon Horo and Rechilus.

        If you have a better method than Avi to bring back our OTD kids then by all means go out and do it rather than sitting back and criticizing others who are Moser Nefesh literally 24 hours a day.

      • Are you one of those families that has been caused a lot of harm? If you are, you should say what you are talking about. If not, how do you know? Let the families who have been harmed, say so. Also, what do you mean by “he has a higher rate of more children going off than those he saves”. Again, is that your personal opinion or that statistic been quoted some organization.

      • I find it very shocking that anyone would dare to criticize Reb Avi Fishoff on his revolutionar and innovative methodology to help parents to bring back, their OTD children and even save their lives too

        OTD is now a very seriouse Epedemic, even within the most prestigious segments of the frum community, even in the homes of the biggest Rabbonim, Roshe Yeshivos, Rebbes, and Gedolim too, Ein Bayis Asher Ein Shum Meis r.l.

        Everyone in the frum world has thrown up their hands in despair. No one has any working solution except Reb Avi.

        Many people have many theoretical ideas, how to fix the OTD Epedemic, the only problem is that unfortunately NONE of the methods actually work. Many great ideas but their actual success rate, in the real world, is absolute zero.

        The one and only one who is actually successful, in the real world is Reb Avi Fishoff.

        His method, which he calls TP (Short for Twisted Parenting) is the only method which actually works.

        He has the Haskomo, of hundreds of Rabbonim, and the biggest Poskim, and Gedoley Yisroel, behind him. And even the secular psychology take off their hat to him because they see that it’s the only thing that really works.

        Long before OTD became a houshold world Reb Avi opened his home which he called “Home Sweet Home” to OTD kids who were thrown out of their homes, living in the streets, litterally, where many of them also suffered from substance abuse, alcohol abuse, many were on hard drugs too and many of them suicidal too.

        Out of a group of about 100 kids, his success rate was over 99%. Within a few short weeks, every single one of them improved by leaps and bounds and by the end of just 1 year, 99% of them were Frum, all of them were off drugs and none had relapsed!

        These stats are earth shattering phenomenal success. No one, Frum nor Secular has ever had such a phenomenal success to get ALL kids off drugs with absolutely no relspse. Even the most prestigious secular Drug Rehab facilities, all have the majority of their clients relspse, before long.

        Needless to say, with such a phenomenal success rate, all others failing bitterly with treatment of OTD have a lot to be jelouse of Reb Avi and lie about his success, to cover their own lack of success.

        I’m a TP parent, my child was not only OTD but unbeknownst to me, (at first) was seriously contemplating suicide too.

        Within a few short weeks of using Reb Avi’s TP methodology, my child’s life was saved and he’s now Drug Free (wasn’t before), is happily working at a high paying job, and is progressively still improving further too.

        OTD is not merely a religious problrm, these kids often seriously consider suicide too. Lives are seriously in danger.

        Reb Avi Fishoff, doesn’t just help parents, to help improve problems in their children’s OTD Yiddishkeit, rather he successfully helps parents, save the lives of their children, quite litterally.

      • Dear Anonymous,
        It’s because of people like you that we did not contact Avi for all these years! You are basing your opinions on no grounds–it is so wrong!!!! Bh bh Hahsem sent us in the right direction and we recently started working with Avi. Since starting to work with Avi our lives have completely turned around! It’s only now after working with Avi that I have hope that we will iyh see true yiddishe nachas from our daughter. Avi mamesh saves lives every single day. I beg you to please take down your message!!! I don’t want another family to suffer like we suffered all these years.

      • As they say: The Nile is more than a river in Egypt…

        To effectively help a kid in pain, you have to face yourself, too. That can hurt and make you look away from a path of healing.

    • I love people who post barbs at others as anonymous
      Mr. Fishoff doesn’t hide behind anonymity
      Do you have better solutions?
      Do you realize he doesn’t help unless a child is already “on their derech”?
      So your comment is based on false information….
      I hate to know how many souls YOU will be responsible for them not getting a chance to heal and maybe come back because of your “anonymous” comment, that their parents won’t reach out to Avi because of you…
      Step out of your hiding place
      Speak to Avi Fishoff
      Speak to the Gedolim he speaks to and help the cause instead of bashing him all he does

    • It is so very sad that someone can take a person who goes out of his way to help others just because they’re Yidden. He doesn’t take a penny from anyone for his time and efforts that he’s moiser nefesh for each and every case that deals with!

      I know of numerous families who have used his mehalich and they’re more than satisfied because everything else they tried either worked minimally or didn’t work at all – many other mihalchim backfired – only made matters worse…

      Please stop the motzee shem ra!

  2. I think Rav Avi gave a wonderful Shiur and I think there is a lot more to discuss and I really would love if he dedicates more time to this topic as it needs more time. I would just like to add when we make these lavish events are we thinking about ourselves or about our kids. Let’s start thinking to ourselves what type of message such “Gashmiyus Events” sends our kids, does it bring more Ruchniyus to the kid or Chas Vchalilah more Gashmiyus to the kid. The other point is why are our Rabbanim and community leaders scared to discuss this topic?

    Thank you

  3. Oy. Avi Fishoff saves lives. Before we starting learning from him we were at the end of our rope. At that point we did not care if we had a relationship with our child. Hatzalah calls, psych ward, multiple different therapists (out of pocket), shailos to the rov about if we can call the police on yomtov if they are threatening to harm us or their siblings….
    AFTER going to Avi for a while…. we have peace, calm, a child that goes to school (they were kicked out by their yeshiva previously).
    We have a child that works on breaks from school.
    Helps with younger siblings.
    Not everything is perfect. But as a parent that studies by Avi weekly I can tell you first hand this is the only method that has such a good return on investment.
    I have spoken to many many parents at this point with children by Avi and they all understand to always consult with their Rov. I think about 99 or 100% would agree that they have a huge improvement.

    If someone has an issue with Reb Avi they should contact him. They should find out more about what he does and the success he has been able to help make happen. He consults his rov. He has endorsements from many gedolim.

  4. There is nothing out there that works for OTD.

    There are many people out there with all kinds of ideas but have zero experiance.

    Then there are many well meaming mechanchim and psychologysts, with much experiance, who actually try, very hard, for years, to bring back those who are OTD, but non succeed.

    Not only do their method not succeed but the more they try and the harder they try, the worse the OTD gets, reaching eppedemic levels.

    The only method which actually works, and very effectively, is the he Avi Fishoff method.

    The Avi Fishoff method is the only hope which Klal Yisroel has, to save our children from the OTD crisis.

    Reb Avi’s method, litterally saved my child’s life.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Its because of people like you that share this information about Avi that we did not turn to Avi for all these years!! You are basing your comments on no grounds!!! Bh bh! recently Hashem directed us to Avi and our lives have completely turned around! It’s only now after starting to work with Avi that we have hope that one day we will have true Yisddishe nachas from our daughter. Avi is such a special person he is literally saving lives every day( including our daughter)!! I beg you please remove your comment so no one should be discouraged from reaching out for help form Avi.

  6. Dear anonymous
    You truly have no idea who Avi is and what he does for so many of us. How could you even write such lies?
    But you are in luck! Avi is such a mensch that when you ask mechila he will grant it on your first request. The only issue for you is that if what you wrote dissuades a family from getting Avi’s help… וד”ל
    Have a great Pesach and I hope you achieve real freedom

  7. Me and my wife have been following the Avi Fishoff method for many months and I can attest, that from the first day of practicing his TP method, we have witnessed amazing improvements from day 1 and as we continued, we observed tremendous healing improvement in our OTD child.

    Very often, there is much more to OTD than meets the eye. People come to Avi, because of an OTD issue, not realizing that virtually all OTD stage 4, children, are usually, nearly always, also major Trauma victims, and as such also have a far greater problem, possibly even conteplating suicide.

    Following Reb Avi’s advice, it has litterally saved the life of our child who was not only OTD but also suicidal.

    Reb Avi’s Method is a lifesaver.

  8. My wife and I were going to throw our child out, that was the advice that the “experts” suggested. B”H we spoke with Reb Avi before potentially losing any hope of a future relationship with our daughter. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought it possible but within a week our home was calm, really calm. We saved our child’s life, literally.

    I strongly urge anyone finding themselves lost and without direction with regards to this ‘parsha’ (OTD [I prefer on their own derech]) to reach out to the nicest guy with real answers that actually work. Avi Fishoff gives selflessly of himself (no charge, no notoriety).

    To anyone who thinks he is doing it wrong, call him, he is open to hearing a better way, all he wants to do is help and if there is a better way he will take it.

  9. I don’t know where Anonymous got his information, but it is a serious matter to malign a person who is helping klal Yisrael with a problem of historic proportions. No one else has the SUCCESS RATE that he has, so how in the world is he saying that he makes things worse? How many off the derech children has HE brought back to their families and the Ribono Shel Olam??? Shame on you, Anonymous… That was a cowardly, untrue, and misleading comment that will only deter desperate parents from seeking lifesaving help!

  10. Avi Fishoff is the ONE AND INLY OERON IN ALL IF THE WHOLE UNITED STATES THAT UNDERSTANDS OUR CHILDREN AND HAS THE MOST SUCCESS RATE IN SAVING NESHAMOS…. anyone else saying anything else is against the Torah. All of you who are judge mental should grow up and learn that Hashem is waiting for all of us to do tshuva. No one is perfect and open minded people who accept our kids in pain are better than people who shun our kids in pain and throw them out to get worse and be in the street…. this is exactly why Masgiach is not here. We need to save our kids. Avi is the one and only with the highest success rate and we all have wonderful relationships with our children and less pain and suffering because of it. We actually can still have our children in our lives… do you want Hashem to disown you because you did an aveira.??? How many of you are doing Aveiros behind closed doors????

    Here is an excerpt of my letter to rev Fishoff after attending his seminar
    Hi Mr Fishoff
    I thank you so much for the Twisted Parenting seminar it has been a most intense and life changing experience- You have found the solution to this generation’s challenge and empower parents to be at their best. It should be a must to anyone contemplating parenthood!
    This is method to Yetziat Mitzrayim-
    May Hashem bless you, your family and your holy work.
    I hope in the near future to be able to be involve more B”H.
    Am Israel Chai !


  13. What a shameless lie that Reb Avi has brought ANY damage to any family that has reached out to and followed his guidance!
    If there’s anyone out there that selflessly out does himself, just for the sake of our children, it’s Reb Avi!
    Rev Avi offers 24 hours of total devotion, free of charge, just to help children attain their well deserved safe haven called “home”.
    And he trains there parents to be better and more understanding parents as well.
    And Every step of the way is In coherence with halachic rabbinical guidance!
    This work has saved many children from drugs, suicide, psyche wards , and brought them healing in their own safe , warm, and loving home.
    Is there any way that United ,loving, caring, and understanding, well focused parents can create more chaos or damage to a home?
    And is there any way that an honest, truly devoted, unbelievably humble person like Reb Avi, can create any damage or hurt to the people that he selflessly devotes himself to?
    Nonsense lie!
    And anyway,
    If a home happens to have more than one irreligious child, then there is no such thing that being kind to a child that is going through a rough time, would hurt a sibling.
    Love doesn’t hurt or break.
    Each child and person has their own destiny and destined way of finding their connection to Hashem.
    Some have to go through really dark places and reconnect from there, for a reason that we do not understand.
    And that journey is always pain filled.
    Hashem does not grant everyone a child with a journey like this. As he chooses carefully for the benefit and sake of the child.
    The ONLY way a child can come through safely is with parent’s support.
    And for that Hashem ,In his great mercy, sent us an unbelievable light tower, Reb Avi, to help parents navigate through this storm, thus providing proper support to our pained children.
    And yes.
    Sometimes Hashem will say,
    these parents were given the special abilities to embrace and hold , and help my special neshomos come through the dark.
    And so I will trust them with two or three..
    And yes,
    I’ll make sure that they get the proper guidance through my holy messenger, Reb Avi Fishoff..
    NEVER did it occur that Reb Avi was a cause for other children top drop yiddishkeit!
    And with this mehalech, b’ezras Hashem, it never will..

  14. what a shameless lie that Reb Avi has brought ANY damage to any family that has reached out to and followed his guidance!

    Reb Avi selflessly devotes himself 24 hours to irreligious children that are going through hard times, to find safety in a warm haven called “home”.
    And he does all this, free of charge with so much humbleness and humility , that that In its own is a lesson well worth it.

    Has it ever occurred that a selfless devoted

  15. Dear Mr Anonymous,

    I am sure you care very much about the very same children and parents that are suffering and whom Avi is helping. The opinion you shared is not accurate. Perhaps you heard only part of a story.

    Let me share with you the part you haven’t probably heard.

    From first hand experience I and my Rav can share with you that the Orthodox Jewish world now has a proven method dealing with life threatening off the derech children.

    It is Avi Fishoff’s TORAH based methods in 100% partnership with the Rav of the family.

    No Halacha is violated no Torah precept violated.

    Lives are being saved, families reunited, Shalom Bayit restored!
    Chesed is being done! And I am sure Hashem is smiling.

    Avi goes out of his way to help and speak with the families at all hours of the day and including the Rav of the family to make sure all is 100% derech Torah.

    If you or anyone else has a question, concern, anxiety about Avi feel free to contact him.

    He does all of this for free, no charge, no gifts, and no kavod.

    Make the call, send him an email, you will be pleasantly surprised.

    And more importantly you can partner with him to now really help suffering children and families.

    He has saved our family and our child from a very severe situation. Every day was a living nightmare! And now every day I sing to Hashem with gratefulness.

    Grateful that our child isn’t just alive but functioning and a child who is happy and proud to be part of the Jewish nation.

    We are forever grateful to Avi and would now be even happier to know that you reached out to him.

    We don’t want anyone to needlessly suffer with a child whose life is in danger and who is a rebellious child when Avi can help these children become the loving Torah abiding child they usually become with his Torah based method.

  16. I know of many families working under Reb Avi’s guidance, and I know one thing with absolute certainty: Every one of those families has peaceful, loving, giving, nurturing homes.
    Reb Avi is based entirely on Torah. He will not accept a family without authorization of family Rav, and always urges the family to consult their Da’as Torah.
    Reb Avi’s Avodah is clearly l’ma’alah min haTevah; he will drive anywhere to meet with a Rav, he works more than 24 hours each day. I wish he didn’t have to spend his precious time fighting people who don’t know what he does and how he works. Each negative report stops desperate families from seeking help. Each negative report feeds the anger and resentment of the Kids In Pain.


    *HaRav Yosef Rosenblum Zy”a*
    “Klal Yisrael needs TP now!”

    *Novominsker Rebbeh shlyt”a*
    “Avi Fishoff is a miracle worker! He succeeds where everyone else fails! Halacha k’Reb Avi in such a situation.”

    *HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky shlyt”a*
    “I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE parents to go to Avi for guidance that helped many many in need!”

    *Belzer Rebbeh shlyt”a*
    “I know about Avi very very well – follow WHATEVER he says to do!”

    *HaRav Shraga Hager Kossover Rebbeh shlyt”a*
    “The mehalech of TWiSTED PARENTiNG is a winning solution!”

    *HaRav Yecheskel Roth shlyt”a*
    “Advice and guidance that is fitting to follow as it is IN ACCORDANCE WITH OUR TORAH’S WAY of dealing with such situations!”

    *Chernobler Rebbeh shlyt”a*
    “With Avi’s Mehallech you can rescue EVERY Yiddishe neshama!”

    *HaRav Yitzchok Scheiner shlyt”a*
    “The proof is in the result; the facts corroborate everything you say!”

    *HaRav Moshe Wolfson shlyt”a*
    “Extraordinary tried and proven advice founded on the timeless gems of our holy Torah.”

    *HaRav Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger shlyt”a*
    “I highly recommend parents to go to Avi for הדרכה for dealing with a child in a terrible מצב of פיקוח נפש.”

    *HaRav Gavriel Cinner shlyt”a*
    “Without question what you are doing is oisgehalten!”

    *Sadigura Rebbeh shlyt”a*
    “Baruch Hashem we have Avi! ירבו כמותו בישראל He should be able to continue to help parents ביתר שאת ויתר עוז!”

    *HaRav Pinches Freedman (Shvilei Pinchus) shlyt”a*
    “Avi’s track record has proven to all of us that we can never give up on any yiddishe child no matter how far they seem to be from us!”

    *HaRav YY Jacobson shlyt”a*
    “I have spoken to many parents who followed Avi’s blueprint. Without exception, each one claimed that as a result, their child has become happier, calmer, healthier & more productive. Their child was re-connected to some degree with his/her parents and family, with Yiddishkeit, and with the community. How then can one not embrace this path?”


    HaRav Shimon Alster shlyt”a / HaRav Shmuel Berkovic Shlyt”a / HaRav Elimelech Bluth shlyt”a / HaRav Moshe Bogomilsky shlyt”a / HaRav Dov Bressler shlyt”a / HaRav Chaim Brickman shlyt”a / HaRav Yehuda Brog shlyt”a / HaRav Elya Brudny shlyt”a / HaRav Shmuel Choueka shlyt”a / HaRav Gavriel Cinner shlyt”a / HaRav Yosef Menachem Deutsch shlyt”a / HaRav Binyumin Eisenberger shlyt”a / HaRav Yitzvhok Eisenman shlyt”a / HaRav Yosef Elefant shlyt”a / HaRav Menachem Feifer shlyt”a / HaRav Gavriel Finkel shlyt”a / HaRav Modechai Finkelman shlyt”a / HaRav Moshe Fogel shlyt”a / HaRav Pinches Freedman shlyt”a / HaRav Meir Fund shlyt”a / HaRav Yisrael Moshe Friedman shlyt”a SADIGURA REBBEH Chaver Moetzes Gedolei Torah of Eretz Yisrael / HaRav Ahron Glick shlyt”a / HaRav Yaakov Yosef Goldman shlyt”a / HaRav Shraga Hager shlyt”a KOSSOVER REBBEH / HaRav Benzion Halberstam Shlyt”a BOBOVER REBBEH / HaRav Boruch Hirshfeld Shlyt”a / HaRav Zalman Leib Hollander Shlyt”a / HaRav Naftuli Horowitz shlyt”a KRULA REBBEH / HaRav Yaakov Horowitz shlyt”a / HaRav Yosef Yitzchok Jacobson shlyt”a / HaRav Pinchus Jung shlyt”a / HaRav Ahron Kahn shlyt”a /HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky shlyt”a / HaRav Yitzchok Knobel shlyt”a / HaRav Chaim Kohn shlyt”a / HaRav Benzion Kokis shlyt”a / HaRav Moshe Meir Lederman shlyt”a / HaRav Shloime Leifer shlyt”a NADVORNE REBBEH / HaRav Yosef Chaim Lefier shlyt”a / HaRav Moshe Tuvia Lieff shlyt”a / HaRav Max Maslaton shlyt”a / HaRav Pinches Meisels shlyt”a / HaRav Shloime Miller shlyt”a / HaRav Yosef Ozeri shlyt”a / HaRav Yosef Paneth shlyt”A / HaRav Yaakov Perlow shlyt”a NOVOMINSKER REBBEH Rosh Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah Rosh Agudas Yisrael / HaRav Meir Platnick shlyt”a / HaRav Eliezer Dovid Rapaport shlyt”a / HaRav Zvi Elimelech Rokeach shlyt”a / HaRav Yissachar Dov Rokeach shlyt”a BELZER REBBEH / HaRav Yosef Rosenblum ZY”A /HaRav Chaim Leibish Rottenberg shlyt”a / HaRav Yisrael Dovid Schlesinger shlyt”a / HaRav Yaakov Kopel Schwartz shlyt”a / HaRav Araham Chaim Shteinvurtzel shlyt”a / HaRav Ahron Teitelbaum shlyt”a SATMAR REBBEH / HaRav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum shlyt”a SATMAR REBBEH / HaRav Michel Twerski shlyt”a HORNOSTEIPLER REBBEH MILWAUKEE / HaRav Mordechai Twerski shlyt”a HORNESTEIPLER REBBEH FLATBUSH / HaRav Chaim Ahron Unger shlyt”a / HaRav Mordechai Dovid Unger shlyt”a BOBOV 45 REBBEH / HaRav Yosef Vigler shlyt”a / HaRav Simcha Weinberg shlyt”a / HaRav Moshe Weinberger shlyt”a / HaRav Moshe Wolfson shlyt”a / HaRav Lazer Yudkovsky shlyt”a STUCHINER REBBEH / HaRav Uri Zohar shlyt”a / HaRav Hershel Zolty shlyt”a

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