WATCH: Rabbi Eliyahu Merav, Father of Murdered Soldier Yossi Cohen, Speaks

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Rabbi Eliyahu Merav, father of Yossi Cohen, one of the soldiers who were murdered in the terror shooting attack at the Givat Asaf junction earlier today, spoke to Channel 10 News about his son’s final words, Arutz Sheva reports.

“Yossi was a beautiful and pure soul. He went on a mission. We sent him with great love,” the bereaved father told the news station. “When we sat at a Shabbos meal and everyone thanked us for something, Yossi said, ‘I thank God that I have the right to protect the people of Israel with my body.’” Yossi was a pure soul, a devoted child who only wanted to help since he was a little boy, and G-d took him.“I served in the IDF and became religious after the Yom Kippur War. I am an Israeli, I am the product of a crisis in secular Israeli society,” Rabbi Meirav said.“ I understand that everyone has to live by his faith and values, but mutual respect must be preserved, this hatred must end. It is impossible to build a home and a state like this. Beyond all the arguments, why do we only meet after a bereavement and say ‘we are brothers?’ Let’s meet at celebrations.”

“Yossi was a charedi man with a heart of gold who was dedicated to the glory of the people of Israel. Yossi wanted to be a dentist after the army and now he is guarding us from above,” the rabbi added with tears in his eyes. He said that his son’s final words to him were: “We believe that the Jewish people is one. We must all help and give, These are eternal values ​​of human love.’”


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  1. The pashkevil explicitly states that the boy’s father is named Eitan Cohen, yet the article insists that Eliyahu Merav is his father????

    • Rav Meirav is the niftar’s stepfather. I guess stepfather is not a PC word for Matzav, although other allegedly frum sites got it right.

    • The boy’s father was niftar and his mother remarried an אלמן, who brought his children into the marriage. It means more people suffering, since one can be close to a stepbrother too.

  2. The TRUTH is, NO JEW should currently serve in the Israeli army. It is run by politicians who care more about how their image will be portrayed on Foreign TVs than the individual lives serving in the army. What a shame!!

    P.S. I certainly believe in a Jewish army! One has to be an AM haharartz not to know that it is not only proper to have an army but an obligation… read a little bit of Nach of the time before the second bais hamikdosh … and you will see the importance of a Jewish army.

    But the Israeli army is not a Jewish army!

  3. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into who Yossi Cohen was. He was a true Kadosh who gave his life for Am Yisrael.
    Our hearts are breaking. May this be the last korban we give in this galus.

  4. First commenter, Eliyahu Meyrav was his stepfather. The boy’s father and Eliyahu Meyrav’s first wife each passed away a few years ago. Yossi Cohen’s mother is currently married to Rav Meyrav.

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