Watch: Rabbi Mordechai Groner, Rosh Yeshiva Of Yeshivas Ateres Shimon, Showing Hakaras Hatov To The 101 Police Precinct In Far Rockaway

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  1. This is a master mechanech!!! He should be available to teach lessons of Hakoras HaTov and appreciation. I’d love to see the Heimishe do the same.

  2. “Hakoras hatov” for the police harassing frum communities, while letting the violent criminals riot with impunity? This will cause the cops to further mistreat the Jews, since the dumb Jews will support the cops no matter how much the cops harass the Jews. The effective strategy is to let cops understand that the middle class in general and the frum community in particular are their only natural allies, but we will walk away from supporting the cops, if the cops take the path of least resistance and harass us. In other words, stop supporting the cops, until they get through their thick sculls that harassing our community is not beneficial.

  3. truly special! THis is really an opportunity for klal yisroel to be a light upon the nations; even if we have grudges against parts of the PD in regards to corona lockdowns. There is a way for us to practice our obligation of hakaras hatov in public and cause a huge kiddush hashem.

  4. Kidush H is increasing Kovod Shamaim; nothing to do with seeking goyishe approval. If anything, kissing up to the harassers of our community, i.e. enemies of ours and consequently enemies of H, reeks of Chilul H. Enough of the apologies, our job is to install Malchus H in this world, not to be the pathetically feeble-minded fools.


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