Watch: Rabbi Moshe Dovid Niederman Addressing Satmar Anti-Israel Rally in NYC

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Hundreds of Satmar Chassidim gathered outside the United Nations (UN) in New York on Thursday to protest to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as he addressed the UN General Assembly.

The following is a clip of the event during the address of Rabbi Moshe Dovid Niederman.




  1. It is outrageous to use the Holocaust era symbol of the yellow star with Jood on it in their event, having attendees wearing it. The situation in Israel is not comparable to that, it is millions of miles from that.

    SHAME ON them for using holocaust imagery inappropriately, thereby cheapening the memory of what happened then.

    It is time that they face real consequences for their outrageous actions.

  2. There is a guy in Flatbush that goes around dressed Yeshivish and davens in Flatbush that works with Satmar in their anti Israel campaigns (Natruna). he gives shiurim in English in Vayoel Moshe (live and with videos online). He has also put out books pushing the Satmar viewpoint. As well as speaking out against Israel in electronic media. We need to let people like him know that we are wise to them, and are not fooled. He should face serious consequences for his actions.

    We don’t need wolves in sheep’s clothing in our communities. If he wants to be Satmar, let him dress like them and move to Williamsburg.

    • It’s a free country…to dress as u please and carry a message. I am Satmar with a different take on this, however , you are wrong here. I can accept an idea..theological , idealogical or otherwise and wear whatever clothing I wear.. You are shortminded…sorry.
      There is freedom in expression and clothing…if you dont like their message, please tune out…but he can support them or anyone in whatever FASHION he chooses to.
      Get your act together and your prejudice out of the way.
      They had a Rebbe ztl..and are entitled to follow iin his footsteps You need not agree .You may differ in your opinion.
      Besides, there us such a thing as a conscientious objector..and religious people are entitled to that, as is anyone..
      Please live and let live…
      We are all entitled to feel the way we do.
      Nobody is denying YOUR feelings.
      Let go.

  3. All it does is instigate anti-Satmar hatred from the vast majority of Torah Jews who know the benefits of having a Jewish State and a Jewish Army.

  4. Hashem helped the medina set up and bh mosdos of torah came out and huge kedusha and thats what he wanted. And yes, Netanyahu is one of the shlichim…

  5. How dare they wear the Star of David on their clothes! What an insult to the holy memory of the 6,000,000 who were murdered by Hitler, yimach shemo. Even for those who agree with them, they have lost their case through their actions. Nothing can be compared to what the Jews suffered in the Holocaust and to do so shows an unbelievable insensitivity to the survivors. This just proves that Neturei Karta and Satmar are no different.

  6. They finally stopped as low as Neturei Karta guys.
    What should Israel do at this point? Give up all its land to palestinians and move out? Which country is going to take them now? Or would have taken them in 1948?

  7. Why is Matzav obsessed with Satmar, Anti Israel, Neturei karta nuttos! Stop giving these ‘people’ attention! You guys are probably one of them…

  8. It is very clueless that this community is so egregious in its hate of the value of a jewish state.

    The scary idea of their holocaust implication of Jewish faith in G-d based on the right to have a state is so egregious that anyone who notices this group of orthodox jews would have to think war is being fought for the worse and lost merit of any jewish feeling.

    Credit is not due to any one who endorses this event. The scared fate can be an increase in antisemitism and religious jews being token used to imply that the rest are criminal in their rights on human value and hope.

    War is being fought just for the very implication that Jews have rights. And the scary thing is that even our own brothers and family members are ready to dispel that any of us must be happy.

    War is not a rose bud for your bad act of charity against a nervous safe culture. It is a terrible thing because the thorns are just below.

    This is clever but not orthodox.

    • Oh gosh…I wish half of us knew what you’re talking about as you post all over with words so unrelateable to the average thinking human.
      Who are you..
      Your mind work sstrangely puttung your thoughts into words.
      Sorry…but true…

      • I’m the guy that went to medical school and read the medical journals. We think at a higher rate of success. Go back and get your G.E.D. and we can talk.

        • You can go to any achool and still be deficienct in certain areas. The way you construct your sentences is not something we learned in our English class..your words are mumble jumble.. I’m not tbe first to tell you…you’ve heard it from others.
          Your thoughts may be on par, but your expression of them is weird…to say the least…medical school notwithstanding..

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