WATCH: Rabbi Shimon Russel Quotes Maran Rav Shteinman zt”l On the “Boyfriend-Girlfriend Love” and the Lesson for Parents



  1. Wow. Incredible. As a parent this clip is so so powerful to me because what it tells me is that even if the boyfriend girlfriend love is not a real love and something that may not last, still, if at the moment he looks into her eyes he will feel more love from her then from the parents then that alone is enough. How amazing is that? I, as the parent, should love my child with so much love that when he looks into my eyes he needs to feel a more powerful love from me then that of a girlfriend. Wow.

    I, the one who does everything for my son, the one who embraces him, loves, him, guides him, and even at times disciplines him. I, the one who has lived with him since the day he was born, has stayed up so many sleepless nights caring and worried for him, has provided him with food, clothing, shelter, and everything else he needs. Somehow, I am supposed to be able to still be the one who when he looks into my eyes he feels more love then when he looks into his new girlfriends eyes. That is such a huge challenge to compete with blind stupid unfiltered and not real love from a girlfriend. Yet, the Heyliga Rav Aron Leib ZT”L seems to be saying according to Rabbi Russel, that still with all that, if I cannot be the person that my son feels more love to when looking into my eyes, then I must realize I am failing as a parent.

    How does one accomplish this?

    Very heavy. Very deep. WOW

  2. I don’t doubt he said that. But unfortunately you didn’t understand his kavanah. He didn’t mean that therefore they should proceed with a relationship that is filled with aveiros and unhealthy taavah. He meant it as a tochachah to the parents!

  3. Let’s not exaggerate now. The Rosh Yeshiva didn’t say that we have to bow down to the OTD crowd. Let’s not make them out to be grosser tzadikim with nishomos more heilig than those who are shomrei torah umitzvos & yire shomayim. Show them love but don’t put them on a pedestal.


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