Watch: Rabbi Yehuda Levin: Shame On Kiryas Yoel for Letter Criticizing Dr. Zelenko




  1. We can’t have the attitude that business as usual, including spiritual business as usual, should be maintained in a major health crisis without prompt decisions to adjust appropriately. Leaders of Jewish flocks are responsible to do what HaShem demands in the moment, not what makes their followers comfy. When they’ve dropped the ball, it’s on them to acknowledge the problem, change course constructively, and accept genuine help from anyone, inside or outside their circle.

  2. Thank you, Rabbi Levin! I agree with all your words.
    And let’s remember that Hashem is in charge of the virus; the virus is not in charge of Hashem.
    Let’s do what we can to make Hashem happy!

  3. Negativity is a Virus.

    Join the movement not to text, forward or post anything hurtful to others for 14 days
    as a merit to protect us from the Coronavirus crisis and to help bring the Geulah Shelaima

  4. Rabbi Levin, I hear you loud and clear. Your arguments are strong and hold water. My only hesitation is that Dr. Zelenko’s claim that he healed 100% of his patients suffering of the novel corona virus with a drug used against malaria was not verified and confirmed by an independent, qualified medical authority, doctors, you name it. The whole world is racing to find a cure and Dr. Zelenko says he has the cure. So how is it the world is not rushing to check out his claim and if true, rush to cure the hundreds of thousands of those infected and the many thousands who are dying?
    For the record, I live in EY, I am a Litvak at heart, and have nothing to do with KJ.
    May we all wake up to the emmes, humble ourselves, and declare in our hearts:
    השם הוא האלהים, אין עוד מלבדו, declare it in our hearts, and not for the show.

    • Talk about twisting things around. Dr. Zelenko did not claim he “healed” them. He said that everyone he has treated has not been hospitalized with worsening of the virus. He is implementing a protocol that hospitals are allowed to administer as a private physician. Dr. Zaelenko does not say he has a cure. He is wondering if we administer these drugs as a prophylactic to those who are at high risk will it help them not to get sick.

  5. Again Dr. zelenko is a good man, but there is no benefit in saying to the wider public that 90% of KJ will be infected. That doesnt help anyone. That is not to say that the DR. isnt a good guy. But i think the letter is beautifully written and properly asserts its position that most in KJ are indeed behaving responsibly

  6. I cant agree with you more! I am the biggest fan of dr. z! This whole magaipha is come out for us klall Yisroel to change and return back to hashemite and go on the right path and here your making machlokes with the a dr that’s out here to help you look what a chilul hashem it is that everyone is ganging up against him hope you realize and wake up smell the coffee and spent time on the things that are really important not what he said should of said!

  7. I’m a big fan of dr. Vz I’m into him and I cant back him more. Klall Yisroel has to stop making macholches dr vz is here and looking out for us he was giving a recmidation that someone that’s in a shaky situation he would give it to him. I know someone personally that got if from him and fot better. But the issue here is that this magaipha is here for us to wake up and not be busy what everyone should of said or could say just worry about your and work on yourself to bring meshiach!

  8. To the” holier than thou folks ” from any and all circles . Listen to the doctors and rabbis___ Don’t congregate together.
    The holy Arizal was nifter during a plague. Is anybody around as holy as he ??
    Give Dr. Z’s med a chance. Mikol melamdei..whatever works, go for that.

  9. Rabbi Levin
    With all due respect.
    No need to bash Chasidim with such contempt. If you’d like to Mussar or stick up for Dr. Z. Kol hakavod, but seems like you’re going out of the way to preach your mindset to Lee Avenue.

    Sinnas chinum certainly wont help…


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