Watch: Rabbis Visit Montana to Thank State Leaders for Stand Against Anti-Semitism

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Several rabbis from Canada and the United States made a special visit to Montana today to thanks state leaders for standing up for the Jewish community in the face of recent anti-Semitic threats in Whitefish.

Governor Steve Bullock met with the rabbis in the Capitol.




  1. R’ Brook from Bozeman Montana, the Lubavitcher Rebbe emissary, has done so much for jewish people in general and in particular for the jewish jewry in Montana

  2. Wow, is so open-minded.

    It even features a video about a Lubavitch-‘Open Orthodox’ delegation to Montana.

    The guys in the hats are Lubavitchers. The two guys in yarmulkas are Reb Shmuel Herzfeld of OSTT in DC and Reb Scheier of Quebec.

    Herzfeld is OO and Scheier is a YCT graduate.


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