WATCH: Protest Rallies Behind “Hasidics” Who Refuse to Vaccinate

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  1. your headline is the opposite of this meshugana message
    he is not protesting against hassidics who dont vax WE FRUM YIDDEN PROTEST AND CONDEMM THE ANTI VAX WE ARE GUILTY OF LETTING THE ANTI VAX SHTUSIM IN TO OUR OLAM we should have nipped it in the bud

  2. Who is this guy? I wish our leaders (unzera) would talk like this guy. Instead of labeling those of us with brains and the ability to use them, as rodfim, they should take on our cause. Government intrusion, at any level, is terrible for our freedoms and democracy.

  3. A bisel meshige and missing some important facts about the “Hassidic” community, but definitely not a racist. On the contrary, he’s siding with what “Hasidics” in his mistaken belief that THEY don’t vaccinate their kids. This is of course a bunch of hogwash. Most frum Yidden including “Hasidics” vaccinate their kids. Just a bunch of yo yo’s in this country who don’t. Some are Jewish, some are not.

    • It just so happens to be that the number of those people whom you are derisively calling “a bunch of yo yo’s” is greatly increasing and increasing and increasing more and more and more!! Yes, more and more and more people are thinking with their heads on straight and seeing through the thick media-promoted-vaccine-propaganda and realizing it as the horrendous absolute hoax that it is!!

    • ALL adults were vaccinated. They won’t admit that one is not immune for life because these injections toyg auf kaporess.

  4. If vaccines works so well, why is the CDC so mad at unvaccinated people? After all, only the unvaccinated will be at risk if vaccines really worked.

    • Because genius, some people can’t vaccinate due to various serious medical issues. These people are at risk through no fault of their own. They have no choice in the matter. It is not fair that they should become ill because those that could or should vaccinate don’t.

      • How many? You make it sound like every second person has ch”v serious medial issues who must vaccinated with the MMR poison. FYI 99.999999999% “children” should have no problem with measles. The danger is only when adults contract measles. They have to be hospitalized. Had these adults gotten the measles as children they’d have been immune for life and wouldn’t have to be concerned about contracting measles again if they have medical issues.

        Haven’t you ever wondered why there were no measles deaths before these dangerous injections were invented (according to doctors and nurses) and thousands of deaths and injuries from those who injected themselves with these dangerous substances?

      • Get over it. It’s a big world out there. If you can’t handle it, go live in an underground bunker somewhere deep in the mountains of Idaho. There you will be protected from all those evil wicked unvaccinated fiends. Good luck.

  5. They have to stop anti-vaxxers because their hoax will be revealed if vaxxed people come in contact with a child who has measles.

  6. Looks just like the Black Plague and the Bubonic Plague back in the Middle Ages when the Jews were blamed, accused of poisoning wells in order to kill christians. Hit the Jews and save Russia. How many Jews were killed, how many communities were wiped out? How many קינות were written in the wake of these tragedies? תשובה ותפילה וצדקה מעבירין את רוע הגזרה

  7. “Measles Transmitted By The Vaccinated, Gov. Researchers Confirm”
    “Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych: Unvaccinated Children Pose ‘No Extra Danger to the Public'”


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