Watch: Rand Paul: ‘You’re Saying We’re ALL Liars’

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  1. George is a piece of trash. ITS NOT A CRIME TO BELIEVE THE ELECTIONS WERE STOLEN! And the civil method of clarifying this would be only and only when it was investigated. The fact is this was not investigated. This was shoved down our throats by dictators like george and his cohorts in the media.

    The million dollar question is Why. Why are they soo afraid of an investigation of the elections? What are they hiding?

  2. Its amazing this reporter tells Dr. Paul that Trumps supporters believed Trump’s lies that the election was stolen. First of all From November 3 and on the media kept using dismissive terms like bogus claims, and false allegations as if the investigated and came to a fair and just verdict. Second, he’s saying Republicans get their ideas from Trump as if they can’t think for themselves, and where exactly are the leftists and Democrats getting their ideas from if not the fake news media CNN and others. HYPOCRITES.


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