Watch: Rav Asher Shapiro of London Decries Frum Kids Being Rejected from Schools

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Rav Asher Shapiro is a well-known mechanech in Stamford Hill, London, and the founder of Kol Bonayich, a United Kingdom-based outreach organization.

He is a son of the Naroler Rebbe, Rav Berish Shapiro of Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Rav Asher has spoken out over the years on various chinuch matters, demonstrating the strength to go against prevailing notions when he feels the need to do so. In a recently-released video, Rav Shapiro expresses his sadness and concern over the acceptance process in some mosdos hachinuch, a difficult and often humiliating process that sometimes leaves innocent children out of school.




  1. When it comes to Chasidish buchrim there’s a huge problem. The problem goes further into shidduchim as well, as there are more chasidish boys than girls. They lose hope and too many just give up.

    But, there are quite a few yeshivishe mestivas that will take these boys. True, they won’t end up learning Degel and Toldos. But they aren’t learning anything at all now! Rather that they grow into a nice ben Torah, than just hanging out on the street. Or first in a shul. Then, then and then onto the streets……

    And for the Nasi guys, yes it will help their shidduch crises as well! I have personally witnessed several bochurim who had been rejects of the chasidish yeshivos who ended up in ” Litvishe” yeshivos. Eventually, several of them ended up in top yeshivos! The people who need to be terrorized are the thoughtless people who still advocate chasidim should fight “misnagdim.” It’s that attitude that is murdering these boys. The majority of elementary school rabbeim are warm chasidish yingerlaht who are full of yiras shomayim. They relate excellently with the boys.
    But the majority of successful mesivta rabbeim are those who leart in “Litvishe” yeshivos. They are deep, have yiras Shomayim, are warm and infuse a geshmack and deep enjoyment in the learning.

    The first step is to be happy and proud if your son and talmid is a ben Torah.

    • Until internal chassidishe politics changed things, Yeshivos like Shaarei Yosher and Beis Meir were from the Yeshivos where they willingly sent good chasidish buchrim.

  2. Kol Hamaschil B’mitzvah Umrim loi Gmoir!!!!
    Either R’ Berish is a true Tzaddik or share the pain of many individuals who are suffering from this “selfish power”!
    More viral clips to come, have them coming like the “stop the talking in shul”.

  3. what I liked about it is that he wasn’t saying that just about everyone needs to be accepted to every school. He clearly states that that boy is a good boy. And mentions as he goes on specifically speaking for kids that are coming from good homes and are good… There is a problem where pple are doing what they want, not following any guidelines of the hashkafos of the schools and the kids not being fit for that school etc and then wanna get in. In that case; I wouldn’t either accept a child like that. But he is talking about a good kid, with a wild brother, from a family thats a bit out of the box; which is also ok as long as out of the box isnt poreitz the gedarim of the hashkafos of the school.


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