Watch: Rav Asher Weiss: Under Current Circumstances, “I am for Porch Minyanim” in Eretz Yisroel

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Note from the source of the video: Rav Weiss, in the video below, is talking about Eretz Yisrael. In other parts of the world, even if the government permits porch minyanim, he believes there is a chillul Hashem aspect to take into account as well. 



  1. Didn’t listen to the whole thing, but from the parts that I listened to, that sounds like quite a mischaracterization of what he said. All I heard was Rav Asher Weiss saying a number of times that he is quite worried.

  2. If you listen to this excerpt
    Rav Weiss is speaking about Eretz yisroel and the fact that the government has now allowed minyanim outside with 19 people attending. Based on that new law, Rav Weiss is paskening that he recommends and prefers porch minyanim over people putting themselves in jeopardy. Once people start congregating, they start shmoozing and loosen social distancing … Rav Weiss wants to implore upon us how critical pikuach nefesh is above all else. So porch minyanim in Israel is preferable to the 19 men allowed outside.

    This is different for Americans and Europeans. This wasn’t a blanket psak to allow porch minyanim.
    Please rewrite your heading to reflect the clip you published.

  3. The headline is very misleading; although the quote is accurate, it ignores that he says he simply prefers porch minyanim over minyanim in open spaces as the Misrad HaBriyut has permitted. He says it’s a matter of pikuach nefesh and to matir open space minyanim for halachic reasons is foolish. He states, very importantly, that we were ahead of the recommendations. And we must remain so.

  4. thank you words hit home for me as i am staying by a older Uncle who is otherwise alone
    and i have 3 different Minyonim on 3 sides that i am close enough to participate in

  5. This headline is misleading.

    Rav Asher Weiss was talking exclusively about Eretz Yisrael.

    Regarding the US, Rav Asher there is a Chilul Hashem aspect to take into account with regards to porch Minyanim.

  6. Aside from his being a Gaon the Rov is blessed with great oratory skills. His psokim are thus easy to understand and follow.

    All are reminded, a Posek is different than a Rabbi, Rosh Yeshiva, etc.. In areas of halacah one must seek psak.


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