Watch: Rav Elya Brudny: Watching the Superbowl at Home or On Outside Turf?

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  1. I wait for Shabbos to have my superbowl of soup that my wife makes L’Kuvid Shabbos. Sports are for the low class people to keep them busy so that there is less crime on the streets.

  2. What rabbi Brudny said is Pashut – there are not 2 sides. And there is no reason u can’t learn mishnayoes during half time , people do do it

  3. Wow, ” The Commish”, you’re a real Tzadik. A real Holier Than Though Tzadik, to be exact. I would bet that after 120, your aveiros are deemed a lot worse than my “low-life-watching-of-the-super-bowl”.

    Take your judgmental attitude and apply it to yourself. This is not me speaking, but Chazal. Al Tadin Es Chaveircha Ad SheTagia L’Mkomo.

    It’s fools like you with your flippant disregard for other yidden who may be in a different place than you, that causes so many of our children to throw away Yiddishkeit.

    • As a “low-class Superbowl watcher” I don’t care for The Commish’s comment (which may have been tongue-in-cheek, anyway), but you are way, way over the top with your totally disproportionate, nasty, personal response.

  4. For sure we benefit that millions of people cheer on people beating each other up every Sunday. Keeps them distracted from wanting to beat us up. Its true. Football in that regard is a great Chesed from Hashem.

  5. Commish is right but chose wrong wording . They aren’t low class just lower level which is fine. There all types of Jews b’h with all having special roles in this world. If some one won’t admit that someone not willing to put away Gemara to watch super bowl isn’t on higher level then he’s misguided. Joseph’s comment are way out of line and full of hate and he needs anger management. That all being said I don’t understand why anyone would want to watch a rigged super bowl! They should redo last two minutes and Saints a chance.
    Main thing is we should all enjoy life and smile


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