Watch: Rav Feivel Cohen: Mandated Venue for Torah Jews is Bais Din

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In an extremely rare move, Hagaon Harav Feivel Cohen shlit”a, author of the acclaimed seforim Badei Hashulchan and one of the senior poskim in the United States, took the podium at a Lakewood, NJ, Planning Board meeting earlier this week to stress the importance of Yidden turning to botei din to deal with issues that arise. Without addressing the particular application in question, Rav Cohen stressed the importance of Torah Jews adjudicating matters in accordance with Torah law, seeking the opinion of a Jewish court of law.

Rav Cohen served for many years as the rov of Kehal Tomchei Torah of Flatbush, Brooklyn. He now resides in the Pine River Village senior development in Lakewood.

It is worth noting that Rav Cohen does not often speak publicly on klal matters, making his brief but pointed remarks noteworthy.




  1. Since when does an attorney chair a meeting and interrupt to say he should stop speaking? What right does an attorney have to interrupt ? Isn’t there a chairman at these meetings? What is going on here?

  2. Where was this talk given? Where/what is this venue? What chutzpah of some lowlife interrupting Daas Torah! Such a lack of basic derech eretz.

  3. We should all be thankful that Rabbi Cohen agreed to attend
    this meeting & to agree to give a public statement on the issue.


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