Watch: Rav Michoel Sorotzkin’s Hesped Marking First Yahrtzeit of Rav Moshe Shapiro zt”l

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A unique hesped given in Yeshivas Novardok, Brooklyn NY during Shiva.




  1. I watch all your videos.
    This is the first time in the history of the you feature the same video twice . Once when the speech was said and the second time in it’s anniversary one year later.
    Apparently, there is a good reason for it. Anyone who missed this fabulous speech the first time, has a second chance to listen to this unbelievable tribute.

  2. Reb Moshe z’l made an impression on the entire generation. I liked the way the speaker elaborated on the topic of his greatness to all. Never in the history of am Yisroel there was a man who was a giant talmid chacham if his kind AND at the same time the biggest philosopher in machsheves Yisroel.
    The tribute was very powerful. Reb Moshe will be remembered for generations to come.

  3. There are over 100 hespedim said on Reb Moshe Shapiro online.
    This one is by far the best the contents and delivery.
    Yishar Koach for posting

  4. The fact that Reb Moshe ztz”l was niftar on the same day of Ezra Ha-Sofer and the interesting fact that the gemoro says that Ezra is Malaachi are amazing.
    Relating Reb Moshe to Ezra and Malaachi is so fantastic. He knew the entire Torah like Ezra and was the last person to be mekayem “veheshiv lev avos al bonim”.
    A fabulous speech .

  5. This hesped was said last year when Reb Moshe Shapiro was niftar. It was in Novardok yeshiva ( Drillman’s) in Flatbush. I was there and I must say that every time Reb Michoel Sorotzkin gets up there he delivers the goods so eloquently and so clear.
    When he’s in NY he is kovea his mokom in Novardok, where many enjoy his phenomenonal yedios in Torah and his brilliant mind.
    This is a sample of what he is all about.

  6. exceptional. Full with emotions and very well delivered.
    Looking forward to any speeches and shiurim from Rabbi Michoel Sorotzkin. Each one is a treasure.

  7. Echod- Yachid U’Meyuchad
    The speaker has what it takes to captivate the audience in a seconfd to none talent.

  8. I was a talmid of Reb Moshe in Yeshivas Beis Hatalmud in Yerushalyim back in 1975. I clearly remember how the speaker (then known as Mickey) was so close to Reb Moshe and how they used to argue in learning at the corner of the Beis medrash in Sanhedria Murchevet.
    I specifically remember once that me and my chavrusa didn’t understand what Reb Moshe meant in shiur. We went to him to clarify the issue while he was going out to catch his ride home. He told us “go to Michoel, his havono is terrific and his koiach hahesber is better than mine”
    Those were the days…..

  9. I participated in the wedding of Reb Michoel in July 1979. It took place in Academy Party Center in Cleveland . I remember Reb Moishe z’l coming in and even though he was fairly young- in his mid 40’s he attracted a crowd of lomdim around him. He then told us that he traveled at his own expense because of his special kesher with the chosson and because he thinks that he is a real ben aliya.
    It was an experience to remember

  10. I always knew Rav Schapira was a deep thinker and a great scholar. Never heard anything about his humanitarian side and his crystal character. This exceptional tribute sheds a new light on this great man. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Just saw this clip. Every time Rabbi Michoel Sorotzkin speaks it is a pure joy to listen. He is an excellent orator and always rich contents which hits the nail on its head. Simply fascinating.


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