Watch: Rav Mordechai Gross Leads Group in Taking Dalet Minim at Kever Rashbi in Meron as Segulah to End Coronavirus




  1. Harav Hagaon R. Naftoli Friedler zt”l (R.Y. Ner Yisroel Toronto) said, “Some Segulos that are being pursued by the masses, are because of the
    “שמץ יצר הרע של ע”ז שעוד נשאר אצלינו
    ( trace of the Avoda Zara Yetzer Hora that wasn’t eradicated from us)

  2. Does anyone know the Mekor for this segulah?

    Moishe, with all due respect to Harav Friedler Zatza”l although being “into segulos” is a dangerous thing, on the contrary being against Segulos with the perception that it’s for mekubalim and sfardim (and maybe Chasidim)
    is totally wrong, and stems from ignorance. The Gedolei Ashkenaz throughout the generations had many segulos, particularly when it comes to a pandemic. For example: the Rokeach, Yoseph Ometz, Sidur Rav Naftuly Hertz Shatz (Who lived in Frankfurt in the times of the late Rishonim) Rav Yaakov Emdin, just to mention a few.
    So if there is a mekor, then it’s a dovor kadosh, and to Chas Veshalom mock the words of the Kadmonim is a lot worse than being into Segulos.

  3. Emunah:
    I have not found any such Segulos like these practices found in the Sefer Rokeach, Yosef Ometz, Sidur Rav Hertz Shatz, Yaavetz. I also have no idea where you saw the notion of a pandemic in these sforim.
    BTW, the Rokeach defines a Mageifah as a sickness from which the sick die from it on the same day that they get it. Which is rarely the case in this pandemic.

  4. On the contrary, Rabbanei Ashkenaz were careful not to introduce ideas and practices for the general population that had their only source in mysticism. Also, the study of mysticism remained a study for the select few and was not disseminated to the masses. Even as great a Rav as Rav Hirsch writes that he was initiated into the study of mysticism by his Torah mentors.


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