Watch: Rav Mordechai Jungreis of Nikolsburg Leads Impromptu Kumzitz at Gas Station

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  1. How can you call it a kumzitz if no one was sitting?

    קיינער זיצט און מען רופט עס קומ-זיץ??

  2. This is interesting. Considering most of the gas comes from the middle east, one can thank Hashem that the good day can be filling your tank.

    If you fill your tank and then give a major blessing to Hashem, that might be minded. The worth of the good community can indeed be funny.

    Still, I have now seen dancing and singing in banks and now today at the gas station. Are we taking over the economy or just having the best freedoms of our lives?

    Stall and save. The gas card can be a major asset.

    Lets live and pray but when I get my gas I think I will likely make sure I high-tail it out of there. The dirty place is no place to always call upon Hashem just for the sake of my own mood.

    Still, a yeshiva fraternity association can be grand. We can impress our neighbors and onlookers who have no idea that a Jew can have simcha.




  3. I was so inspired by watching this video, that I’m returning to the fold. I will start keeping Shabbos again. Thank you for posting this video.


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