Watch: Rav Shiff, Rov of Antwerp, Visits Rav Mordechai Jungreis at the Woodbourne Shul

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Antwerp rebbe shlita praying at the Woodbourne shul July 9 2017



  1. I fail to see the problem.Even when lots of minor Rebbes are called ” Rebbe ” , i ask you,are they really all ” k’void kedushas moron adoineinu moireinu v’rabbeinu ” ? They may have a little shtiebele tucked away in a corner somewhere,where more often than not they have to call in ” a tseinter ” , yet they have the title Admor,so if that’s accepted,why not call him Rov as well ? I am not refering here to Rav Jungreis,who is certainly as much a Rebbe as most of them,as his two shuls are always full,he has talmidim,and by his total all year round comitment to bring back lost souls to yiddishkait with incredible warmth,is a truly holy man .

  2. Rabbi Jungreis has taught aleph beis To thousands of Yiddishe Kinder including myself over 35 years ago. He is a true Ohev Yisroel who is mekarev krovim and Rechokim. Especially now during the 3 weeks we can all learn from him and should work on our Ahvas Chinom so that we can see an end to all our tzaros and be Zoche to be mikabel Moshiach. Let’s not get petty and question “Rav or Rebbe” although in my humble opinion Rabbi Jungreis is most worthy of both titles and more


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