Watch: Reading R Shteinman’s Tzavaa At The Levaya

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  1. Some highlights from the tzava’a.:
    1. I request very much not to eulogize me. Not in my presence nor not in my presence.
    2. Do not to make any mourning rally or assembly of any sort, no matter by what name it is referred by.
    3. Not to write any article about me in the daily, weekly, monthly newspapers. It’s enough to print my picture, and not to write about me as is usual to write the history of the deceased.
    4. Do not print ads regarding the funeral. Do not announce it on loudspeakers or the radio. It’s enough that there will only be ten people at the funeral.
    5. I desire to be buried among simple people.
    6. Not to write on the tombstone any adjectives, only ‘here is buried Rabbi Aharon Yehudah Leib son of Rav Noah Zvi Steinman’
    7. Not to waste money for buying an expensive plot in the cemetery. If you want, then give charity, without buying an expensive plot.
    8. The monument should be the cheapest and simplest.
    9. I ask that I not be referred to as a righteous or God-fearing person, so that should not be embarrassed by this in the World of Truth.
    10. I advise not to call children by my name, but I do not forbid it.


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