Watch: Reb Mota Frank Cries in Shmuess About Why Yeshivos Are Designed Only for Metzuyanim

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  1. Al tashlichainu… one of the most poignant pleas we make to HKB”H during these yomim nora’im. As we plead not to be turned away and discarded, let’s make sure not to do the same to those who desperately need help, extra attention, patience and understanding.

    May we all be zoche to a gmar chasima tova.

  2. Im sorry but what country is he talking about?

    Here in America millions in dollars and resources have been invested and committed towards the needs of precisely these kids.

    Ohr Yitzchok, Home Sweet Home , Chavrie Hakolel just to name several.

    Maybe Israel is different.

    • With all due respect to Ohr Yitzchok which does a fabulous job ( The other two places you mention I’m not familiar with.) Rav Frank wants mainstream yeshivos to implement such a program. I know of of a few very large yeshivos with more then 3 parallel classes at each grade level, that actually has in a non-descript way a class for weaker students. However yehivos with 1 or 2 classes at each grade level can not do this. In mesivtos / bais medrish any change to the current curriculum of focusing on gemarah and meforhim, will lead to labeling the yeshiva as a yeshiva for weaker bocherim.

  3. I would love to comment on this drasha but I know in advance that it’s a total waste of time as Matzav has gone into full cover-up mode and will censor/delete/sanitize/splice, my heartfelt feelings and opinions because it doesn’t match their biased agenda. It’s really a shame. Matzav could of been a really great website, but they fell prey to the PC order of the day and have activated their own thought police to ensure that it stays that way. Nice knowing you.

  4. He is so right. But the fact is those that want to make such a yeshiva are stigmatized as a “shvacher” yeshiva. But it’s even more then that I had a discussion with a veteran first grade rebbi in a well known mosdos about why we have so many bochrim / yungelite who don’t take davening seriously. He wanted to implement a plan to cut back on davening in his class. He felt many children get board of long davening long davenings which have no meaning to them. Many are still not so fluent in kria. Many just don’t have the stamina to read out loud so many tefilos. The menahel of that yeshiva wasn’t happy at all with any changes in the curriculum not because it didn’t make sense but because of what parents would say.

  5. there are yeshivous for not metzionim but of course one does not want to give his child to such yeshivos because… know why,,so why should a ‘metzion’ yeshivah suffer. if i sell only lexus youll complain why i dond sell oldsmobile? go to store that sell oldsmobile


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