Watch: Riots Taking Place In Meah Shearim

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      • yes, like last night in Bet Shemesh, a huge police operation to arrest a Sephardi bachur who hadn’t responded to his draft notice. Considering the security situation in the medinah, this is a very wise use of police resources, of course. Just like the Nazis, yimach shemam, even when their army was going kaputt, they made sure to focus their attention on the real enemy – the Jews.
        So it should be clear by now what the true priorities of the israeli government are.

  1. “Al Kovod Atzmechem Chus”.

    For this they’ll demonstrate.
    How about the dissolution of the Sanctity of the
    City and Country?? Where’s the demonstrations?

    • Meah Shearim yidden are not mechuyev to demonstrate on everything and get beaten up all the time. How about you and others take some responsibility and demonstrate against the chillul of the sanctity of the city and country.

  2. Those leidigeyers need some other forms of exercise and entertainment.

    Let them build a YMCA (Young Men’s Chareidi Association) for them, they can work out there.

    • “Those leidigeyers” are holy yidden who care about kedusha and morality. Instead of standing at the side and mocking them, Hashem would be happier had you joined them in making a kiddush Hashem berabim.

  3. Burning effigies of zionist soldiers and rioting:

    R. S.Z. Auerbach zt”l writes, (Halichos Shlomo 1:34)

    ” One must be careful to act לשם שמים. If one has a non-Frum person
    in his house and the norm would be to serve him food & drink.
    The Halacha (O.Ch. 169:2) forbids us from serving them food unless they
    will wash (Netilas Yodayim) and make the appropriate Brachos.

    However, if the non-Frum person will feel offended (even if asked politely) to wash etc. and
    might hate Shomrei Torah Umitzvohs for acting this way, then it is better to disregard
    the Halacha in Shulchan Aruch of not feeding them because them hating Frum Yidden
    is a bigger מכשול.”

    According to R.S.Z.Auerbach it would seem Even if burning Zionist Flags &
    effigies were to be a Mitzvah mentioned in Shulchan Aruch it would still be forbidden
    to do so being it makes the non-Frum hate the Frum.

    Probably. the ones who do the burningand rioting believe that the non-frum
    are not upset with us. They have unconditional love for us regardless how we behave and they won’t hate Frum Yidden for doing so.


    • So what you’re saying is that one must never offend a secular Jew, because then he might hate frum Jews. Of course that is not what Harav Shlomo Zalman said at all – his psak is specifically on this halachah and you have no right to extrapolate from it – who are you anyway? A posek?
      The police here were not guests in anyone’s home! Anyone with half a brain can figure out that Lieberman came to make a provocation. When the Gerrer Rebbe came to be menachem avel, he came early in the morning in order to avoid any friction, and he succeeded.
      Certain know-it-all Matzav readers would do well to bear in mind that “be a nice guy” is not a Torah mitzvah, and the definition of “kiddush Hashem” is NOT “let’s all make the secular Jews think we are nice people and not weird frummers.” By now it should be very obvious that the police of the medinah are intractably opposed to Torah and no amount of smiling sweetly is going to change that.

      • True, but why are you such a Zionist? If this would be happening at the hands of any other government of the world, Jews wouldn’t dare demonstrate this way. We would all know that we are in galus among the nations of the world and need to be subservient, until Moshiach comes BB”A. But at the hands of the Zionist govenment, we seem to feel heimish, like were fighting with our brothers who basically mean well, or else we would act the same as we would in a foreign country. So that makes the demonstrators seem as though they have strong belief in the well-meaningness of the Zionist government. But I am not a Zionist. I don’t think they are well meaning. I am just as frightened to fight them as I would be to fight any foreign regime. They took over, whether we like it or not. So the only approach is to try to negotiate civilly or move to a country where at the moment there are not such bad gezairos, and to be mespallell there beshloma shel malchus.

        • But after having said that, I must also say that I don’t live there, and I don’t really have a good feel for what goes on, so I don’t really know. I’m just saying what seems to me to be correct, but I might be wrong.

          • I hear you, and kol hakavod for your humility. Believe me, it is scary facing off with the police here. Balashim are violent thugs – probably not Jews at all – I certainly hope they aren’t. They don’t hesitate to use force against women, either, if they get angry enough. Meah Shearim Yidden get beaten bloody at some demonstrations, such as the one yesterday outside Vaad Hatzalah. There are video clips of 2 policemen stomping on the prostrate body of a frum Yid – with smiles on their faces.
            Personally, I can’t visualize the police of England, where I grew up, acting that way. Or most civilized countries, when acting against unarmed demonstrators.
            So no, it’s not a “heimish” confrontation by any means. And there is no way to negotiate with them. They are determined to trample on everything holy and they succeed most of the time. Standing up to them takes great courage, azus dekedushah. In the past, frum Yidden have actually been killed. Once the police thought they had killed Rav Amram Blau but it turned out it was someone else. And about 16 years ago, there was a demonstration outside a photography store that was selling indecent photos, and I think it was the owner who came out and struck an elderly man – he murdered him.

  4. today was a series of planned provocations. first, lieberman turned up to be menachem avel someone in the neighborhood, prompting the scenes above. honestly, what did he expect? that he would get the red carpet in mea shearim? but no stones flew, despite what the news networks are reporting. nobody would be that stupid as to throw things when the whole area is crawling with police, bodyguards etc.
    later on, a plain-clothes policeman dressed up as a “hareidi” soldier in uniform appeared on rechov mea shearim, just to stand and smirk at passers-by. he attracted a bit of a crowd who yelled at him to go away and stop the provocation (he refused), then the plain-clothed thugs arrived, waiting for an excuse to start throwing punches – but nobody rose to take the bait and they all suddenly disappeared.
    about half an hour later, it became clear why the “hareidi soldier” had been there. it was just before a planned raid on the offices of vaad hatzalah, and they were hoping to distract the residents’ attention from the raid by drawing them to the “soldier.” huge numbers of police, yassam, balashim entered the mea shearim shuk looking for proof that vaad hatzalah operates illegally (it doesn’t). they seized computers and files and anything they could get their hands on – did they have a warrant? Nobody seems to know. huge crowds came to protest, many were injured by police, plenty of tear gas and pepper gas used.
    vaad hatzalah, for those who don’t know, helps bachurim whose deferrals were refused for whatever (unjust) reason and helps them to get draft deferrals and lawyers when necessary. even vaad hayeshivos turns to them for help when they can’t find a solution for a bachur. and they don’t take a penny from anyone. Yes, Satmar does help to finance their costs, but don’t cover them all – they are all volunteers for this holy work.

    • The police, yassam, balashim are always ready for the biggest enemies of the Zionists. In Israel you need an excuse to be an erliche yid in the old tradition. You don’t need a warrant to beat up erliche yidden and disturb their holy work.

  5. What is going on?
    As soon as tourists stop doing shopping and commercial enterprises in Meah Shearim, the storekeepers and business men will keep the streets safe and riot-free!

  6. Arabs are killing Jews and the police have nothing better to do than to purposefully set up provocations so they can bully frum Jews???

  7. A Bunch Of Big Morons With Too Much Free Time On Their Hands !! That’s what this is, they need 2 get a job or someway to keep them busy

  8. The police brutality is unacceptable. How can they possibly beat women as well?! Any other sane Nation would never allow it. Only the “enlightened” state of Israel allows it. Pheh!


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