Watch: Robert Kraft’s Pre-Superbowl Kvittel to the Kosel

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Robert Kraft, Jewish billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, sent a letter to the Kosel on Friday asking for hatzlacha ahead of today’s Superbowl.




  1. Ok great, so where is the money going now?

    I got some idea of some worthy causes.

    How about everybody write in what organizations or causes Robert Kraft should give some Tzedakah money to?

  2. Donate money to normal Yeshivos and you’ll get your ticket into gan eden. Donating some stupid football stadium in Jerusalem is not going to cut it.

  3. It’s humbling how a person so removed, sadly so, still has the pintele yid and understands to some degree that all is from Hashem. If only I had real emunah, I would be a better person.

  4. Not such a stupid stadium… it serves all the yeshiva bochurim in yerushalayim giving them fresh Kochos to learn Torah!

    Tov Ayin HU Yevorach!


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