WATCH: Rocket Lands 40 Feet from Bus of Israeli Soldiers



  1. I’m not sure when the Israeli government will realize that carpet bombing Gaza is the only answer. The secular believe that 1000 Arabs are equal to one Israeli. Truth be told, not all of them together are worth even one Jew. They’re living in a society of hate and killing like animals

  2. No worries, Rivlin said, “Israel won’t rest until there will be quiet in the south”.

    What a joke!!!!

    To understand why the “mighty Israel, keeps losing to the Chamas worms
    see Dorash Moshe Parshas B’shalach [Hashen Ish], you will understand the situation

  3. Does Israel think that the Arabs will stop attacking if Israel flaunts their weakness and keeps retaliating at empty buildings and empty fields? As long as Israel doesn’t understand that Arabs ONLY understand power the rockets will continue.


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