Watch: Lipa and Turx Discuss Tuesday’s Election: Tuna vs. Egg



  1. How about keeping in mind that Hillary is on the islamonazi side(helping ayatollahs with their nukes, supporting Moslem Brotherhood, receiving heavy Saudi bribes, etc.). We have seen the results of her Secretary of State stint: her overall philosophy of foreign policy clearly endangers millions of Yidishe lives in Eretz Yisroel. That should be enough of a reason to vote for the candidate that can beat her. Any other reason for or against faints in comparison to the actual physical threat to the lives of millions in Eretz Yisroel, and as such is a silly sophistry.

  2. Mop and Bilge.

    Someone is going to vomit because this election is so bad. If the eggs and tuna are that bad, we can pray that the next 4 years are still with good compassion. Only Ms. Clinton will keep the good health of our nation we can hope. Trump is not just feeding us horror, he is also flogging the sanity of a human wager on human worth.

    This is a bad election and we can hope that the eggs get better. Maybe Hillary has paprika for our hopes. Liberalism is a smart voice for the world that improves the safety and humane hope of the marketplace and the home.

    We can hope for the best. The Trump Tuna can be thrown out. War was held to make it a pleased dish.


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