Watch: Rosh Chodesh Elul With Lipa Schmelczer – at Tuvia’s, Mechel’s and More

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Meet a book seller and a young customer at a Monsey diner, and hear a bit of Lipa’s newest composition with a Latin beat.




  1. The video was kind of interesting. He made a similar one last year. The Yiddish is easy to understand even without the captions. I would like to see a longer interview with Tuvia. He seems like a nice and funny guy. But Lipa has really got to start wearing normal yarlmukas like normal people. It was funny and cute when he first did it years ago. But it has run its course and it’s really time for him to grow up and show some maturity. It’s not funny anymore and he looks stupid. I’m saying this to help him, not to stam knock him.


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