Watch: Rudy Giuliani Offers Solutions To Rising Violence In Major Cities

Rudy Giuliani reacts to New York City’s spike in violent crime after a 1-year old was shot and killed.


  1. Rudy is the best.. Now Barr & Durham must start arresting the Obama coup criminals BEFORE the election. They have most of the evidence , now get the show on the road.

    • You'll be quite surprised at the phenomenal job the Trump administration have been doing with the Draining of the Swamp

      The Obama coup are long gone. Clones and doubles are replacing these public figures for over a year and a half already. These criminals are the ones President Trump was referring to when he said in Nov 2019 “I caught the swamp. I caught them all.”

  2. Good old days. Miss you Rudy.
    We need a normal Mayor ASAP. Before some major blood bath happens. Fearing the worse Labor day weekend- West Indie Parade.
    Or as they call it the Labor Day March. (Parades aren’t allowed)
    Hypocrisy at its best.

    • yeah we really do need a “normal” (sane) mayor like Rudy Giuliani (or Curtis Sliwa) Although its kind of strange to be calling Giuliani normal !!


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