Watch: Satmar Hasidim Celebrate Yom Haatzmaut With Barbecue In Israel

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  1. Wow, looks gantz geshmack. I haven’t had a good barbecue since last summer. Festeh meat. Where did this take place?

  2. Either they have grown up, or they have always known that a juicy steak is far more enjoyable than a hungry protest.

  3. I’m so lost at the hypocrisy of it all. Can one please explain me.

    Satmer + Yom Atzmut = confusion

  4. The headline is wrong. They are not Satmar chasidim. Being a satamar chosid means that you prescribe to their minhagim and beliefs, if you don’t you are not a satmar chosid regardless of what you wear. Unlike being Jewish, born a Jew always a Jew regardless of your actions. When it comes to “chasidism” it’s something you have to prescribe to, wether your father prescribed to it or not if you don’t follow the protocol you a not a “—- chosid”.


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