Watch: Sean Spicer Slams Media Criticisms Of Military Parade Idea


Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer and The Hill’s Joe Concha react on ‘Hannity’ after the president faces backlash for supporting a military parade.




  1. According to The Daily Wire, it was as recent as 2014 when two top Democrats in New York — Sen. Chuck Schumer and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio — urged the Pentagon to consider holding a massive parade down Manhattan’s “Canyon of Heroes” to honor troops returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    America has held extravagant military parades on numerous occasions in the past, and Democrats have been all-in on them before — yet now they say parades are the propaganda tools of a narcissistic authoritarian dictator that simply aren’t a part our democracy.

    The left has become so invested in their opposition and hatred to Trump that they now stand reflexively against anything he supports, in this case our nation’s men and women in uniform who have sacrificed on behalf of the country.


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