Watch: Secretary Price On How Healthcare Will Change Under Trump

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On ‘Special Report,’ Health and Human Services secretary breaks down the future of ObamaCare.




  1. The one point that was glossed over and which many have been reporting is the “polls” showing an increase in support for Obamacare. As he noted the vast vast majority do NOT use Obamacare. At most it is 10 to 20 million who would be covered by that plan. If this were an actual poll of ONLY the Obamacare qualified persons what would THAT poll be. Therefore this is a “Fake News” poll story. I would fall into that category and I Do NOT have any insurance at the moment. I’ll have to wait until I reach Medicare age.

  2. I am wondering when Pelosi and her group will call for his resignation. She has been calling for every ones resignation as soon as they get confirmed. I sure she can blame him for burping to loud at one of the meetings or maybe he talked to some one in the hall way she doesn’t like so she can call conspiracy again. It appears she should resign but she has too, too much money and too much influence in the democratic party.


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