Watch: Secular Man Slams Yeshiva Bochur in Face at Netivot Supermarket

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A video reveals harrowing footage of a yeshiva bochur getting slapped in the face by a secular man in Netivot.

According to security camera footage, there was an exchange between the bochur and a man at the checkout counter in the supermarket in Netivot. The facial expressions and gestures of the man indicate that something angered him.

A few seconds later, the man looks at the bochur in anger and slams him in the face. The bochur fled.

It is not yet clear what the exchanges between the parties were that caused the violent hand-raising.

The storeowners said afterwards that they “strongly condemn all manifestations of violence.

They also said that “once the police request it, we will provide them with security cameras and footage.”

A cashier at the store indicated that he was very surprised by the incident and that he did not hear the exchange that preceded the violence because he was busy with his work.

The police has announced that it has launched an investigation into the case.


David Steger – Israel


  1. And if this man is ever chozer b’teshuva, or even just sincerely apologizes and gets anger management or whatever might be appropriate (I didn’t see the video) Matzav has a right to ruin his life? Even if it’s viral elsewhere?

    • Jew hating police???????? are you intoxicated the police are jewish also. unless you are a bigot that doesn’t consider somebody jewish if they are not religious.

      • spent almost 2 years in israel and unfortunately it’s quite obvious the animosity that the police, and basically most secular israelis have for the frum, this is also simply stated in the gemara that an am haaretz hates a talmid chochom

  2. Just like we make hishtadlus concerning parnosa, so should we make at least the same level of hishtadlus concerning being able to defend ourselves.

  3. The question is was the adult instigating or were the kids instigating. Adults also tend to be more composed. So it might have been the kids provoking the older man. How did the cashier not hear anything. He even turns toward the direction multiple times.


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