WATCH: Selichos 5776 Led By Yehudah Green in NYC

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  1. I realize there is a debate about the need to expose us to this type of atmosphere. Interesting how this site chooses to share the videos of the various musicals performed and chooses not to share any Selichos with Rebbes, Rabbonim or Shuls where Selichos is not an evening of entertainment. What bothers me more is that this is supposed to be the better of the Frum news sites and the standards here are supposedly at a stronger level of Kedusha so posting this where the opening photo and then the attached video shows a Shul with no Mechitza, where ladies are seen singing clapping and dancing is (at least I always thought) for the other sites not for MAtzav. I guess I was wrong.

  2. I’m sorry to say, but for you Ashkenazim, the ONLY place where Selichos is done properly is in Yeshivos. Everything else seems to have become Carlebach-esque clapping and dancing fests. Some of what I’m seeing borders on Leitzanus.
    I don’t think this is what Elul should be.
    Go ahead everyone, blast me.

  3. I used to be anti these events and then I came to the realization that everyone serves Hashem in their own unique ways. While I would not attend this type of selichos there is no reason to knock anyone that chooses to express his connection with Hashem that way. There is nothing done keneged halocho, and if one gets an inspiration or a hirur teshuva that way so be it. Each to their own. Enough with the ridiculing and bashmutzing those that do things differently than us.

  4. Metaher es Hatemeim Umetameh Es Hatehorim.

    It is very inspiring for Ba’alei Teshuva and the ones who
    are coming back to Yiddishkeit.
    It is not the place for Heimishei/Yeshivishe Yungeleit
    who are not off the Derech to beg the Ribono Sh.O.
    for Selicha Umechila.


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