Watch: Sen. King On Developments In The Mueller Probe

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Do special counsel Robert Mueller’s court filings clear President Trump? Sen. Angus King, member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, weighs in on ‘Fox News Sunday.’



  1. Developments of the Mueller, huh? This hoax which will continue at least until after President Trump leaves office and then they’ll arrest him for… making the economy better than Obama and Bush.

  2. Why hasn’t there been at least as much effort in bringing Ms. H. Dianne Rodham to justice! She, the clear wicked witch of the west, is guilty of so much; from rub outs i.e. Ron Brown among others to cover-ups, to the vast embezzlement activity of the Clinton Foundation, to deleting the files which were criminal in nature to the Bengazi fiasco and the cover up and even ridiculing the four Americans who were ambushed and brutally murdered under her watch! Why no investigation! Why no trial! Why isn’t she locked up? Why is that all white-washed: LIKE WITH A RAG OR WASHCLOTH?


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