Watch: Sen. Sessions On Why Trump Campaign Picked Mike Pence

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Alabama senator and Trump adviser Jeff Sessions provided insight on ‘America’s News HQ.’




  1. Trump’s campaign is a mystified book. The pick of Pence is just yo-yo blessings for America I think. He will be the grade that becomes the T-P ticket.

    • Your comment is mystifying as well, for its lack of coherence. Try typing in clearer English, maybe we’ll understand you.

      • Yo-yo’s go up and down. So too much the political experience with Pence.

        Grades are pretty self explanatory.

        On the other, they deleted the comments I tried to write. Sorry I got edited! It might have been a joke to repeat. I will not repeat the perceived vulgarity other than to say that we really need good humor as jews and sometimes we make jokes that even a 10 year old would know his teacher could still enjoy!

        If they do print it, it was a joke about toilet paper and the edified right of our community to consider that this T-P candidacy is as bad as the worst that must be wiped. And that references Trump’s poor obscenity.



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