Watch: Shapiro On Dems’ Impeachment Talk Following Mueller’s Remarks


New impeachment pressure on Pelosi; reaction from Dave Brown, former senior adviser to Sen. Murray, and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro.



  1. Ben is right and the Dems, including Dave and Nadler, are dumb. Why aren’t the Dems asking, if Mueller knew from the beginning that a sitting President cannot be charged, why was he wasting all this money and years of investigation? Don’t they realize yet that Mueller was investigating something else throughout these years?

  2. Mueller explained that the investigation was going on for two reasons. They we’re investigating now to see (1) if there was anyone involved that committed a crime and could be charged (2) to collect all the information while it is fresh and in case they did conclude the President committed a crime they would have what they need to charge him when he leaves office. In the end he didn’t conclude that anyone should be charged. And the dems are taking it as if he said the the Justice Department clause was the only thing stopping him.


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