Watch: Shar Yaffa Altercation Turns Violent

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A seemingly minor incident turned violent today as many Israeli police and army officers attacked and forcibly subdued a kipa wearing Jew. The incident took place near Yaffa Gate.

{Matzav Israel-Center}


  1. In the first video, assaulting a police officer & resisting arrest, is never a good idea. I have my problems with the police, but over here that kid was clearly resisting arrest and he shoved & swung at one of the officers. He could’ve/should’ve gotten worse.

  2. I find it funny that the guy who you can see in the video taping the incident is wearing tefillin. Clearly he is doing the right thing there

  3. I’m no fan of the Israeli police but in this case they didn’t just pick a fight with some innocent party. In America the police would have been have more gentle but the consequences of acing that way would have been much more severe and long lasting.

  4. In the top video which is partially cut off there are 5 cops beating up one guy. Police never have the right to carry out punishment. There have been many instances where the Israeli police have maimed people for life


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