Watch: Shira Choir and Levy Falkowitz Sing ‘Nafshi’

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Come along for a rich visual ride as we explore the voices and inspiration behind the new fan-favorite, Nafshi, an original composition written by Pinky Weber and first performed by Levy Falkowitz on his hit debut album, Achake Loi.

Set against a backdrop of the familial get-together, this beautiful music video draws on the concurrent themes of longing and joy which are as evident in the room as they are in the age-old lyrics, Nafshi Cholas Ahavasecha, my soul is sick with yearning for your love.

Watch as Shira and child soloist Avrum Chaim Green mingle together in brotherly harmony, and discover newfound heart in the song that launched a thousand kumzitzes.

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Produced by: Avrum Mordche Schwartz
Filmed & edited by: BenHesh Studios
Directored by: Chaim Moskowitz
Second camera: Evan Cohn
Editing by: Chaim Moskowitz
Colourist: Ralph Mastromonaso
Assistant: Zalmen Perl
Music arranged by: Yoely Dickman
Choir conducted by: Yoely Horowitz
Mixed and mastered by: Udi Damari

Event manager: Motty Jay
Event designed by: Frimi Rosenberg



  1. I am utterly confused as to what the video had to do with the lyrics. If they were singing that thier stomachs were sick then it would make sense. They did not look like people whose were sick yearning for the love of Hashem. Maybe for they love of the bottle or the cigar? If you stop and think about the holy words there video is extremely offensive. It’s a shame, because the song is beautiful. And now i will associate it with gluttony, materialism and alcohol (the guy singing for yearning for Hashem with the wine bottle in his hand pushed me over the top. He appears to be totally drunk in the background of one of the solos. )

    • Guy & Anonymous -My experience with this video is that I have been listening to/watching this 3-5 times (sometimes more) a day because of how it fills my heart with the Love of G-D. I can almost say all of the words now! 🙂 I never once felt disgusted. I did notice a man that was particularly passionate and honestly…it was touching to me. After reading your comment I watched again and it seems to me that you are assuming a little too much to the point of judgment. Maybe you’re right, maybe not. I see a man with a cigar. I don’t care for cigars either, but…so? and holding a bottle of wine, not in worship of that bottle, but rather being overcome by the love of Hashem, and the bottle just being there by happenstance. I was also very touched by him standing on the chair in the same exuberance.
      I ask you, as I am sure it is not your intention, but an effect none the less… Have you considered that your comment could have the same effect as your complaint about that man? -that it is distracting focus away from the meaning and experience of this song?
      Hashem, my soul pines for you! I look to you!

  2. Totally agree with Guy. Beautiful Nigun, and beautifully sung, but the accompanying graphics are so megushimdik as to destroy the song. Making a mockery of Nafshi Choilas Ahavosech. None of those indulging fargrept looking people have any idea of what ahavas hashem is let alone choilas ahavosecho.


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