Watch: Shmueli Ungar Visited Camps Tashbar, Rayim and Agudah in the Catskills Yesterday Via…Helicopter

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  1. Wow. So now we’re machshiv singers and performers more than Gedolim. A very sad day in our long bitter galus. We’ve learnt nothing from Tisha Bi’av. I guess we really couldn’t care less if Moshiach comes or not. At least not during the summer. Moshiach can come in the dead of the winter if he doesn’t mind. We’ve got to have fun. We’ve got to have celebrities flown in just like the goyim do. Oey lanu

    • What are you blabbing about? What’s wrong with kids having fun? Does every article have to be from Gedolim? Perhaps it’s because YOU sit too much online that our long bitter galus has not ended and Moshiach hasn’t come yet? Perfect YOUR ways before criticizing others.


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