Watch: Should You Wear A Mask To Protect From The Coronavirus?


We talked to a respiratory doctor to make sense of the confusing messaging coming from the Trump administration on whether you should wear a mask to protect you from the coronavirus.



  1. Why do they always keep on stating the words “evidence” both ways, therefore stating you can skip it. This a pandemic. Anything that can help should be utilized. Don’t give anybody this stupid answer that people should die till you get your double blind clinical studies together. If this medication hydroxycloroquin is safe for other uses, and everybody knows the side affects, and therefore should be prescribed just like any other medication that has arrhythmia as a side affect. This is an fda approved medication and this cuomo admin is committing retzucha by blocking it’s use till it’s too late.

    Then again, in this one who would expect any better from this panel by msnbc whose main goal is to slander the president rather than help with corona.


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