WATCH: Shul Installs Gun Next To The Amud (via BELAAZ)

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  1. I guess the “Stop The Talking In Shul” movement really means business.

    On a more serious note, may it never be needed.

  2. Great idea. Bima is a good spot in the center. Now add a couple more of this emergency gun safes in a few strategically chosen corners. Have a few volunteers to take classes and become proficient, set up their fingerprints into the safes, make sure that they schedule themselves so that at least two or three of them are present for all gatherings. Educate other shul members that in case of emergency they are to duck and to escape, while the trained guys are blasting away, and make sure they know who the trained guys are, so as to minimize confusion. Also, learn your local laws regarding legal defense and get a good firearm insurance coverage. And remember: cops are only minutes away… when seconds count.


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