Watch: Simcha Leiner & Yedidim Choir Sing “ABBA”

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Abba is often a child’s first word. Yet unlike other early learned words, abba sticks throughout one’s entire life, due to its dual meaning. With selichos and Rosh Hashanah approaching, there is no better time to remind ourselves on who our true abba is. We present you with one of Jewish Music’s hottest songs of the summer- ‘Abba’, joined by the incredible Simcha Leiner, and The Yedidim Choir.

Video taken on August 13, 2019 at The Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation, at the Atkin & Mallin Wedding.

Composed by Bentzi Stein with Yiddish Lyrics by Avraham Fried
Sung by Avraham Fried and Ari Hill

Production: Aaron Teitelbaum -The Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra
Video Concept: Chad Kaminetsky
Music Arranged : Eli Lax & Yisroel Lamm
Band Leader: Eli Lax
Vocals: Simcha Leiner
Choir: Yedidim, led by Yoel Hirsch Fuchs
Live Sound: SolveTech Sound
Live & Studios Mix Baba Z
Post-production – Avrumi Berko
Technical Production: Jay Kay/ Joe B
International Concierge: Shimon Halperin
Press and Marketing: Shiezoli,
Video Production: Motty Engel, Engel Studios

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  1. What a new low in yiddishkiet, having a women in the band singing with so called chasidush men in the choir! What is with kol beishu which applies also to a women singing with a instrument!!


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